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  1. A close friend has a garage workshop that hasn't turned a profit for something like the last 2 years. He went Ltd in 2014 with high expectations but suffered from consistently poor health over the last couple of years so was unable to work much. He is severely impaired financially as a result of not being able to work. He has had a statutory demand from Companies House to submit his accounts or be struck off. I suspect he won't have submitted a return to HMRC either. His accountant will charge over £1200 plus VAT for preparing his accounts so he's wondering if the hassle and unafforda
  2. Claimed against RBS which took a long time to get answers after an initial refusal, so I could make an appeal to the Ombudsman. In effect it timed out beyond the 6 months due to the delay getting what I wanted from RBS. I then asked RBS to look at the claim again a couple of years later as I know the claim was good. So many things that weren't done that should have been. They rejected it. I have just seen the Plevin result in the Supreme Court about non disclosure of commissions. As this wasn't covered in my original claim is it possible to construct a new claim based on Plevin as
  3. I'm way ahead of you Ericsbrother. Like I said I have a load of stuf I want to put into a dossier for presentation to "Higher Office" and a copy of the contract would be very useful. To give a hint of the arguments look at this for starters Note page 27: "With a few exceptions most airports are privately owned. One consequence of this is that illegal parking cannot be decriminalised as has been the case in most large towns and cities. As a result the police will be responsible for enforcing parking regulations and byelaws"
  4. Whatever.... It isn't a topic for discussion though. I just need a copy of Coupon Mad's copy of the contract. If anyone else can produce a copy of it that'll be just as good. I have the signed byelaws and need to bring all my stuff together to take things up to Whitehall.
  5. I'm trying to flag Coupon Mad here. She appears to have a copy of the contract between NEwcatls Airport and UKPPO. I'd like to get a copy if possible. I believe there's a really good chance that the contract wasn't made to the present incarnation of UKPPO. I'm doing my utmost to get the hybrid byelaw/civil action enforcement to the notice of someone in the relative comfort of their Whitehall office.
  6. I agree entirely. It's not general to other public car parks but for situations such as ticketed in your own leased car space as was the case for the actual topic anyway. As an aside, I know that some PPC's ticket visitors to people who use that persons car parking space allocated by lease arrangements. That is nothing to do with the visitor's peaceful enjoyment but is a criminal act aimed at the visitor which is fraudulently representing that the PPC had rights to the land.
  7. I know this is well past the sell by date but as it's a victory others may like to use themselves, might I also point out that the ticketing of people on land that the PPC has no rights to, is also demanding money by menaces, or one of fraud. Both Criminal offences.
  8. I think it was ParkingEye and the case was Fistral where they eventually got kicked off. The appellant was an poorly informed lady who didn't understand the ins and outs and was faced with the usual deluge of documents from PE. I tried to get one of the PPP people to assist in court, it being the other end of the country from myself, but couldn't manage. Anyway, she said she was glad she gave it a try just the same. Just goes to show that PE employs fright tactics. I have cost them a lot more though, in won appeals, POPLA fees etc I can't win them all though and even got stuck with
  9. Can't see a way to edit this post. There have been alterations to my post. The word $cams and $scammed have been replaced by Problem. That's one of the prime reasons I don't use this forum. I much prefer Pepipoo where it all began and have just as knowledgeable people on there.
  10. I'm still learning so always listen. No offence meant. Some folk who post often don't know all the ins and outs. For what it's worth, the [problem] really applies best to IPA members as those in the BPA allow time enough for the keeper to appeal and accept a reduced payment. It's scandalous that this state of affairs should be prevalent. The loss of the right to appeal, the loss of any discount. Where someone who legitimately thinks they have to pay up, they are being scammed. No other words to describe it really.
  11. Did that previous post of mine sink in yet. Ticket allegedly left on the windscreen but isn't. Wait 28 days, send a NTK and the discount has gone. So has the appeal. In other words it's pay the full amount or face legal action. So its a nice little earner to ghost ticket.
  12. I posted a response to this only a couple of minutes ago. I said that I'm not after help in dealing with it. I'm perfectly up to speed on these things. I just want a list of ghost ticketing PPC's and sites to mount a campaign against them In any case, you're wrong. The IPC members such as the one who did the deed on myself, only allow a 21 day period from issue of the NTD for appealing and for the discount. Since details for a NTK aren't able to be obtained within that period it means they have you screwed up for maximum payment with no appeal. Now, the particular PPC who "g
  13. Let me make this clear. I'm not asking for advice on how to handle this. I can handle this well enough myself. I only want any known ghost ticketing details to mount an action plan against any PPC's carrying out ghost ticketing.
  14. I got a friggin ticket. That is, they say I did, but I know I didn't. Naturally the next thing that happens (in the required timescale) is that I got a NTK stating a ticket had been attached and now I'm too late to appeal, and the discounted period has gone too. You will know from that, that this is a PPC who is in the IPA. So, in response, yes; I am now starting a campaign. I want names, places etc so I can try and co-ordinate a site monitoring exercise. If ghost ticketing can be proven it should result in a PPC from being banned from the DVLA database. So let me have any known
  15. I want help from members here. I recently got a ghost ticketing NTK myself knowing I didn't get any ticket on the windscreen. So it's fightback time. Let's get a list together of where this sort of activity takes place, The name of the PPC and the location of the site will suffice. I'll be asking for volunteers sometime in the future to do a park while watching and videoing from somewhere on the site or by a dash cam. I'm not very active on this forum so if you wish to drop me a pm it'll be fine, otherwise you can find me on Pepipoo.
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