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  1. Hi, this is my second claim, my first being quite straight forward, but basically, Smile have sent me 10 years of statements! they arrived in a box, do I really have to sife through them all to produce a letter asking form all my charges back? or can I request they refund all my bank charges? thanks indi.
  2. I can't believe nobody has even replied, Can someone please reply or even point me in the right direction.
  3. I need some help ( possibly a template) on what to write to Firstplus. I have been sent statements which include interest that I have paid monthly. and PPI that has been added to the loan. Has anybody got a template I can use please?
  4. Thanks for that DX, I was wondering if it was really worth my while, well onto the next account I may come back to this one later, if anyone else has any better idea's, I would be grateful. indi.
  5. Forgive me, I am a noob and this is the first account I am trying to reclaim my bank charges for.. I don't have the account numbers anywhere in the house, that is why I requested this information from YB via a SAR. Should I tackle this another/better way? thanks in advance
  6. Hello Friends, I sent a SAR request for accounts held arround 1998 and got the following response and £10 cheque back. "we refer to your recent letter requesting info held by the bank under the terms of the data prot act. your letter however refers to loan accounts which would have been regulated by the consumer credit act. under the act, subsection 3 states that subsection 1 does not apply to an agreement under which no sum is, or will, or may become, payable to the debtor, therefore paperwork is no longer held on file and will have been destroyed. we also return your fee." I want details of bank accounts for both visa and current, this is what I had and I remember, YB were ruthless with the charges, especially going overdrawn. Can anyone help and advise if there is anything I can do? Thanks.
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