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  1. I ended up in the Magistrates Court due to Be Wiser and their horrendous professionalism am happy to say that I got an absolute discharge, no endorsements, fines and court costs. This is because I contacted a great solicitor who advised a SAR, which I paid for but only received a few written communications, after pushing them 42 days after the request was sent was I able to get a letter stating that they were sending letters to the wrong address and not leaving messages on my answer machine, the verbal communication was sent at the last minute but was not playable on any media player. I have lodged a complaint with the FOS and am going to try and get the £2400 legal fees and £150 I had to pay to get my car out of impound. PLEASE EVERYONE DO NOT THINK OF GOING WITH THIS COMPANY, RESEARCH THEM ON THE WEB, YOU WILL SEE MANY HAVE SUFFERED AT THEIR HANDS.
  2. Went to the shop and they have done a runner. Contacted Police and they say it is a civil matter and don't want to know. I would have said that it was theft. feeling rather angry!!!!!!!
  3. I bought a sofa for £199 and other items for another £50 from a second hand store and paid cash over 2 months ago. They delivered the sofa 6 weeks ago and said the other items would follow. I have not received them yet. I have tried to contact the seller via their mobile phone contact number and cannot get a reply, I have left messages and get no call back. This morning I left a message saying that I wanted my money back and would be visiting the shop to obtain it. I still have my receipts. Am I within my rights to do this?
  4. Yes it is but I really think they could have gone more in depth with it on the telly.
  5. BBC news this morning.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21376915
  6. Done with respect. there's another star up in the sky xx
  7. Tommy Definitely change your GP, I would say she has acted in a totally unprofessional manner in expressing her bigotted views on paying her taxes. We had the same situation with my last GP, due to him my son's ESA was stopped, we changed surgeries and now have a wonderful group of doctors and support workers, with their support we have managed to get everything back in place. Please lodge a complaint with the surgery manager and if you get no response from that then take it to the GMC.
  8. Found this, not sure if it has already been posted but thought some may find it interesting: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-21287323
  9. Feeling really good today folk:) have just learnt that I have been put in the support group for 3 years. So my battle with ATOS has ended for now:whoo: Once again everyone thankyou for your support and advice over the last 10 months, it has been invaluable:clap2:
  10. Well folks apparently those of us who have disabilities and illnesses that DWP and ATOS feel they have to put in the WRAG are known as LTBs... Lying Thieving B******s by the Work Program Providers..... as we all know the LTB's in this situation are IDS, Mark Hoban and their cronies........ Was surprised st the BBC attacking the system in this way.
  11. This program is tonight folks so thought I would bump this up to remind folks:)
  12. Very interesting read...... http://legal-aware.org/2013/01/confidentiality-and-disclosure-atos-gp-extractor-scheme-and-benefits-claims/
  13. If you google ESA descriptors 2013 you will be able to pick one out that you feel you should have got points for, seeing that they gave you 0. State that descriptor and the reasons why your condition is relevant to it on your GL24, send that in asap recorded delivery. Also put on it you want to continue receiving ESA payments whilst you are appealing. Please keep copies of everything you send to them. Ring the ESA and request a copy of the report that has been completed by their HCP, when you get that please read it from cover to cover and note every discrepancy you see. Write a report on the report, I warn you that this will take a lot of your time and energy but it does help. If you feel you cannot cope with the stress of dealing with it try and get someone to support you through the system........ There are some great stickies at the top of the forum that will help. Please remember to keep copies of everything you send to them and send everything recorded delivery so you can prove they have received it, they have a tendency to say they have not received it....... I hope everything goes well xx
  14. Bigissue write to ATOS and ask for a recorded assessment as it is your right. Send it via recorded delivery then you can prove receipt. They will try and tell you that equipment is not available but stick to your guns. You don't need special grounds to demand the assessment to be recorded. they will send you appointments that do not mention recording, when they do phone and ask if it is down to be recorded? if not ask for the telephone number of the relevant office and verify if recording is in place, the answer will most probably be no, tell them it is your right as stated by Chris Grayling in the HoC, they will then cancel your appt.... when they do this ask for verification in writing that they have cancelled due to their inability to provide the service you are entitled to, it will be handy if you can record telephone conversations as well as ATOS do fail on keeping their promises. Also phone the DWP and tell them if you do have an assessment cancelled due to no recording equipment so it does not go as a cancellation on your part or a no show. If you turn up to an assessment that they have said will be recorded and find the equipment is not available they may say that you still have to have the assessment or you will be sanctioned... this is not true..... If possible do stick by your guns, it may be a long and stressful battle but is worth persisting with. There are organisations that can help, in my area we have Help Direct that visit our GPs surgery once a week, they can then refer you to an advocacy agency who will accompany you to the assessment, which I would recommend even if you have it recorded. Ask at your surgery and see if they have a similar scheme .... Good luck and keep your chin up xx
  15. A good update folks:-D After many attempts to fax the further medical evidence through to ATOS and failing... we scanned it and sent it by email this morning, I also included with the covering email that the customer relations manager had told me that my file had not been scrutinised in Nov/Dec. I have just picked up a message on my answer machine from ATOS asking me to ring them, which I have just done and she has told me that she forwarded my email to the head of scrutiny who has decided that on consideration of my GP letter that we had just sent I did not need to have a face to face assessment and that I would hear from the DWP soon. So my 10 month battle about having a recorded face to face assessment is over till I find out what group the DWP put me in...... I wait with bated breath.... Thank you to all that have supported me and my rantings through this:-D
  16. IMO (missed the H out because my opinion of this woman is not humble) Esther McVey waffles on just like her Ministerial colleagues in the Coalition, as Invalidation has said she skirts round an issue till she thinks you have forgotten the original question and comes out with percentages and statistics that are not valid...... She needs to be removed as does this government...........
  17. Hi HB I think it was dispatches that did one with the undercover Doctor. Both Panarama and Dispatches aired damning reports on ATOS/DWP and WCA on the same night. Nice to see the BBC doing it again:-o
  18. This should be very interesting http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/tt5jz/panorama--the-great-disability-[problem]---panorama
  19. Yes Nystagmate that is in the first link above: and Uday the MP that denied the targets was Mark Hoban Minister for DWP:(
  20. Sorry to disagree Uday ATOS do have targets...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkzHxXg0rfQ and: http://careers.atos.net/fe/tpl_Atos01.asp?s=IwfHeKPmZxOAfCcOxu&jobid=100592%2C2336544852&key=38006907&c=545825352347&pagestamp=setqhasvwyudxpveix Read the whole job description Targets are mentioned twice. This is taken off ATOS's own website.
  21. Watched it all the way through. Not as many attended as I would have liked. Will say that it was obvious that the ones who did attend from both sides of the house had issues with ATOS. John McDonnell spoke well on our behalf and thank you John for bringing up Callums List. On the whole the majority of the speakers spoke with commitment to ending the WCA and ATOS's involvement. Mark Hoban?????? well what can be said other than he is a compulsive liar, patronising and must live on another planet..... only 15% of decisions over turned at appeal????????? ATOS do not work to targets?????????? we all know different:) Thank you Michael Meacher for securing this debate and letting Hoban know that this horrendous issue is not going to go away.....
  22. Don't forget this guys, it will make interesting viewing. It is scheduled at 10:30 on http://www.parliament.uk/
  23. Saw this and thought of applying, would be very interesting if found fit for work at my next assessment:???: http://careers.atos.net/fe/tpl_Atos01.asp?s=IwfHeKPmZxOAfCcOxu&jobid=100592%2C2336544852&key=38006907&c=545825352347&pagestamp=setqhasvwyudxpveix
  24. Will watch that with great interest and a swear box next to my comp
  25. I most certainly will be asking mine why he voted for it:mad2: http://welfarenewsservice.com/benefits-uprating-bill-how-they-voted/#.UOy3CeTZZdl
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