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  1. img033.pdf img034.pdf img035.pdf img036.pdf Thank you thank you just received letter from WF about miss sold PPI i add it to this post. They want to give me back Ł3630.18 i ask them for 4460.97 but i think they was correct its something about this 8% please have look if its OK. Many thanks
  2. What address should i use? I sent first letter to The Direstors Office Customenr Relation Unit Barclays House Massey Rd Stockton on Tees TS17 6EX or should i send it to: Barclays Bank 1 churchill place London E145HP
  3. wow i will newer write letters as this you are..... the best Thank you again
  4. thank you so much you are angel:roll:
  5. is there anywhere template letter which i can use i meed one for = further letter to Barclay's saying you need a reply urgently as this is a hardship case and other one to CSL saying the a/c is in dispute with the bank regarding their charges as yours is a hardship case. Tell them to back off until the issues with the bank are resolved. Please, if no can you help to me write them please.
  6. Hi DX Thank you, hope some one will help me soon. Best regards Violet
  7. Hi slick I call today to CSL and i explain to them everything, but i was advice then they can hold the account only for 48h and after tis time some one can come in to my house collect cash. I know then you ask me to write to them, but you know then English isn't my first language and its so difficile to write for me, so could you pleas write this letter for me please. Many thanks Violet
  8. Thank you but what should i do with Barclay's? they didn't replay to my repayment of charges request.
  9. Hi DX sorry i wasn't there but my Nan pas away and i needed go to Poland for while. But i back now I wanted if you can write for me letter to WF to clam my charges back please. its pretty argent cos i just received request to pay total arrears of 5405,02 within 14 days. I also sent to them request of repayment of mis sold PPI on 10/8/10 but they didn't back to me. what should i do next?
  10. Hi i back I did post to Barclay's request of repayment charges on 6/8/10 didn't get any replay. I attached the letter which i sent to them, i received from Credit Solution letter which I'm including as well. Please let me know what to do next. Many thanks 201.pdf img031.pdf
  11. So is it correct now? All hot fees 80 interest of 85.1% from date of each charge until date of settlement, 242.89 interest plus fee 242.89+80=322.89 plus 8% on top 322.89*8%=25.83 322.89+25.83=347.89 which i will claim back interestwelcome.pdf
  12. :oops:OK thanks DX i though I'm more intelligent
  13. Sorry dont know what do you mean by this. So should i add this on my spreadsheet or not? Thanx allot DX Violet
  14. "Fee disbursement" its first fee added to my WF account. Its shows on my statement but its on my loan agreement as well under "Acceptance Fee" so i think i can't claim it back. Am I right? Anyway i can't found any temple letter for hot fee reclaim, can you pas to me some link with it please Many Thanx Violet
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