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  1. I've noticed the last few times I've done job searches down at the job centre that there are a lot of canvassing and door to door sales jobs coming up, particularly Anglian Windows. I have a problem with my foot which sometimes makes walking difficult and painful. I can walk, and often do, but some times I really stuggle. Whilst it's not normally a big issue, another thing I am totally unable to do is balence on my right foot. Would I be able to restrict myself in the sort of work because of this, and if so would I need to get my Doctor to provide evidance or would they expect me to see someon
  2. If you are recieving JSA then you should be able to get discounts on a wide range of college cources. Some might even be free.
  3. Having recieved a letter a few weeks ago saying my JSA would be stopped "due to a change in circumstances" and ringing up to be told that it seemed to be something to do with an "incomplete joblog" I have now recieved a letter telling me that I will get benefits payed from as there was an issue with my "availability to work" (dates given for when I was on holiday) but this is no longer an issue. Right, that's good then, and I've actually been payed today as I should. The problem is when I went to sign on last Thurday I asked about all this and was told I actually had a two MONTH suspension for
  4. I've got a 2 month suspension for the same thing, failing to apply for a job opertunity. The only one I know of was back in March or April when I was told about an employer interviewing for assembly workers at the job centre, but they admitted I would have to hurry as they were due to finish soon. By the time I got down I was told they had just finished, and also that they wouldn't have seen me as I didn't have a passport for ID. I'm really mad as I don't know what I will do for 2 months with no money, and it seems so harsh for something like this. I try hard and apply for jobs, so being done
  5. I've now been told i've been suspended for two months. I don't know what I'm going to do. I live with my dad so I doubt I can even get hardship, but i've got a lot of my own expenses and bills. I'm also going onto stage 3 now, so they are expecting me to work harder whilst not getting a penny from them. Apparently it's due to a job I refused. If it's the one I'm thinking of (I only got called in to discuss one) someone was interviewing at the Job Centre for assembly workers and I was told about it, but they were only interviewing until 3 and by the time I had signed on and got downstairs to wh
  6. I rang up today the main number and I was told that my benefits had been suspended for two weeks. All she could give me was something to do with an incomplete job log (I had forgotten my log but told the person what I had done and the jobs I had applied for). She then gave me a number to ring about appealing, which I did and they asked if I had recieved a letter, which I said I had not other than the ones saying my benefits would be stopped from the 9th. They then said a letter had been sent to the job centre on the 15th and they were awaiting a reply, and I would have to wait until then.
  7. Thank you for your help My only concern is that if I get them to reconsider the desision, how long that will take? Presumably if they found in my favour they would backpay me, but if not would I then have to wait until after the desision to re-claim and therefore not be able to claim anything up until that point? Oviously my other option would be to just reclaim from Monday as I will be looking for work from that point. Would it be possible to do a rapid re-claim and still get them to review ending my benefits before my holiday? Who actually makes the desision about if a person is el
  8. The woman actually said to me "I don't believe a word you are saying" which really annoyed me. I was struggling to answer some of her questions and being vauge about things, but she was asking me about something over a year ago. It did seem like she had formed an opinion and was just trying to confirm it. She reminded me of a driving examiner I had who intimidated me so much I failed miserably (I had failed the previous test due to slightly mounting the kerb when reversing around the corner, passed the next one with 4 minors, yet she managed to give me I think 10 serious faults and a couple of
  9. Back on the 24th of June I had a meeting at the job centre about my benefits with a fairly nasty lady who tried to claim I had attempted to get out of going on new deal. What had happened was that my Grandma had died and I decided to sign off for a short while to look after my Grandad whilst he got everything sorted and got himself used to living on his own. The previous time I had signed on before this I had been booked a meeting with an advisor and was not told what it was about, but this turned out to be the day of my Grandma's funeral so I had to pospone it. On coming out of the funeral I
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