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  1. The was originally an old thread but it came back to bite me yesterday. I put this account in dispute with DLC back in July 2010 after they could not provide me with a readable of copy of my credit agreement (see previous threads for the copy they sent me). They are now threatening CCJ because I not paid them since July 2010 but to date I have never received a copy of my CCA. I have today sent them all my correspondence originally to them by special post, surely without the credit agreement the debt is unenforceable correct??
  2. thanks, how would I stand legally if I decided not to pay this could they chase me for the money? And take me to court?
  3. Hello, please please can someone help with the Halifax Loan. I have been paying a loan back through a debt manangement for the past 9 years to the Halifax. To cut a very long story short, it appears the Halifax written off the debt back in December 2004 so all payment after this date (7years worth) have just been sitting in a suspense account and have not been allocated to my account. I only found this out recently in April, the useless Debt manangement company was never aware of this situation and was quite happily taking the money from me. The halifax have said to me by telephone moving forward they don't require any further payment because all it will do it sit in a suspense account again. But i have now spoken to another person today and they are saying they still require payment from me. I don't see why I should pay anymore money if its not actually coming off my balance. Does this mean its Statue Barred?? The Halifax are now trying to allocate all my previous payments to reduce the balance. Please please please can you someone tell me if I'm legally required to pay this debt back? The Default came off my credit file back in january 2011.
  4. Question... I started with the debt management programme on this credit in 2003 so why would the default only register in 2005??
  5. Actually no I never did receive a default notice
  6. Hi can anyone help, on the following: Last week I ran my credit report and found that there is a default on there for my Halifax Credit Card. This account I originally fell into arrears in 2002/2003 so decided to go through a debt managment company to pay back the debt. I joined the debt management company in 2003, on my current credit report this default it showing as it first defaulted in May 2005. Does it take 2 years for a default to appear on my credit file. I have spoken with Blair Oliver & Scott and they took over the debt in may 2005 from the Halifax. I have explained the situation and they just refer me back to halifax and halifax refer me back to Blair Oliver & Scott. I'm 100% sure this should of defaulted sooner than 2005, also what I find more weird I ran my credit report in Sept 09 and this default is not showing...... what can I do to resolve this, as neither company is taking ownership.:confused:
  7. Great thanks, I will put the dispute letter in.
  8. MBNA 2.pdf Here is the CCA that D&L sent to me, is this correct? As you can see you can hardly read any of the form.
  9. I'll scan it and post the details tomorrow. Thanks
  10. Unfortunately today I received from D&L a copy of the my MBNA CCA but but the copy is extremely poor photocopy and I cannot read the terms and conditions. Any ideas of my next step, can I still put the account in dispute?
  11. They did response to my letter on several occassions and kept making excuses and said they would keep me updated and still to date nothing. I emailed them again on 14th July giving them 7 days to produce the credit agreement, I put a read receipt on my email so I knew they had read it. Do you have a copy of dispute letter I can send to them? If I stop making the payments will it effect my credit rating?? The debt management company I am with is Gemstone Financial and they charge the creditors not me. I have other debts with Halifax but they have produced the credits agreement.
  12. Hi Can anyone help, I have a debt with MBNA from 2001 which was passed onto Direct& Legal collections, I have been making regular payments ever since through a debt management company, January this year I requested a certified copy or original credit agreement and still to date Direct & Legal Collections have not produced anything. Can anyone advise what is my next step if any. Thanks
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