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  1. We are in NSW, where the statue of limitations for a debt is 6 years. Our son turned five last week so we're still within that timeframe The letter says to only deal with the Solicitors - I guess that means they are working on some sort of commission basis?
  2. So does that mean we are safe to ignore this? Yes, probably true for SMP but she was paid more than that legal minimum (%age of her full salary for n months, can't recall the precise details) and it may be that which they are seeking to recover. Also, our son was born in the UK, we migrated when he was about 6 months old so not sure how relevant that quote is. As I say, we asked for details from the employer three years ago and were given none. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. We think they are trying to get her to pay back her maternity pay, as she didn't go back to work after she had our child (as we migrated). She did get an e-mail from the employer's HR department about three years ago about that, she replied basically saying what right did they have to claim it back? Got no response to that e-mail, and this is the first we've heard about it since.
  4. My wife has received this letter from a firm of solicitors in the UK, who make many appearances in these forums. They reckon they are acting on behalf of her UK employers (we've been in Australia for four years). (I have removed all the identifying details.) Are we safe to ignore this or are we likely to end up with a big man at the door seeking the money (less than £5,000, in case that matters)? Would be grateful for any advice from anyone here. I have had a look at the can I be sued overseas sticky and it seems to say she could be pursued over here - is that correct?
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