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  1. It may be best if you contact VOSA and explain what has happened and I believe you would have to pay round £50 and they will carry out a MOT and if they approve it without those problems mentioned above, they will get Kwik Fit to pay and they may also take away the MOT licience Kwik Fit has. Exhaust has three year warrenty so they should have fixed the problem for free. As well as VOSA, I have contacted Watchdog since Kwik Fit was on the show before for similar reasons. They wont reply, they told me over the phone, their policy is not to repose in writting to complaint. OFT and Tranding S
  2. As i only have 10 post, i cannot send private messages. You will have to message me. I have also resubmitted my complaint via Kwik Fit website for which i have not had any reply. If you can you may be able to find this.
  3. Thought I would add my experience to warm others of Kwik Fit: Kwik Fit (Shoot up Hill, Crickelwood, London) failed my MOT saying i need new suspension bush. Wouldnt give me a written quotation either and told me it will cost £120. Took it to another Kwik Fit to a free test and was told nothing wrong with it. The MOT center didnt even put my car up on the ramp. Re-took my MOT with different company and there was no problem with the suspension at all. Opertional Manger called with a mobile number and refuse to write to my complaint & didnt want to investigate either. The K
  4. Thanks. Quick update. So far nothing from them. Those of you in the similar position, if i dont update again, then that mean i have not had anything from the company requesting to pay for a parking invoice.
  5. I parked my car in a private car park but I didnt buy a ticket from the machine that request you to enter the Car Reg. I waited in my car until my brother turned up but before I left the car park, noticed there is a camera that appears to scan car number plates so what I did was, entered my Car Reg and bought a ticket for 4 hours. I bought the ticket about a hour after i entered the car park and about 5 minutes before I left. I only stayed at the car park for less then 2 hours. I know i can ignore their invoive but I would like to know can they say that I am in breach of contract if i
  6. Today i took my brother to a job interview and parked my car in a private park and display but stayed in my car until my brother came back. Before i left the parking, i noticed the camera at the entrance and as i didnt want to risk getting a fine of £80, i went and bought a 4 hour ticket from the machine where i had to enter my Car Reg so I am assuming the machine is linked to their camera. I bought the ticket after 1 hour of entering the parking and left within 2 hours. The management company is ParkingEye and I have read alot of review about them and I would like to know, can they se
  7. If they not willing to help, only thing you can do is keep a record of everything you have done so far and send a recorded delivery letter to the head office in UK. They will call you but get them to email you or write. If you dont get the result you want, take them to County Court which is less than £100 court fee. If they dont turn up, you won the case and they have to pay your court fee back plus compensation. I have read many cases involving DELL and they have lost cost they never turn up to court. Moment you fill a court case, they will sort it out before the hearing since it
  8. dx100uk is right that your issue is with whomever you purchased the laptop. If the laptop was given to you as a present then either you will have to get the buyer to deal on behalf of you with the suppler or you will have contact the manufacture. I gather from your info that you have got it from Dell online as there are only few shops that sell Dell. Sales and Good Act 1979: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/Consumerrights/DG_182935 http://www.opsi.gov.uk/RevisedStatutes/Acts/ukpga/1979/cukpga_19790054_en_1 Distance Selling http://www.oft.gov.uk/a
  9. Consumer Protection state that you have the right to ask for money or a replacement. If they refusing to replace best option is to write a letter recorded letter to Dell and keep a record of this. Say you would like a respond within 7 days. Ask them to write to you by letter rather than email or phone calls. Most likely they will refuse knowing them. If there is a computer shop repair shop or PC World TechGuy, go to them and explain to them the problem and ask them to write a report explaining it is a manufacture's fault and nothing to do with software faults. Contact small claim co
  10. I have had problems with DWS Bodywork in Hendon and RSA and after few months of battle i contacted FSA: Write: Financial Ombudsman Service, South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR Telephone: 0845 0801800 Email: [email protected] www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk FSA sorted my problem out and gave me compensation for the time and the stressed i had. I think i will have to contact them again as i had flooding in my car few times. All my carpets were wet and i could fill a jug with the water i found. DWS scratched all my window
  11. We all need to write to Office of Fair Trading, Consumer Direct (is pretty good as they respond back within 5 days with your legal rights and advice you what to do next and they keep a record and pass the info to Trading Standards) and your local Trading Standards. For them to act they need a lot of complaints and if we all act on this we can get rid of the Dell family in India who thinks they got it all. They cover up everything that goes at Dell and Head officer don’t seem to have a clue what is happening. People at Dell India do not seem to have the common sense, the ethical background nor
  12. Useful information: Michael S Dell (CEO): [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] UK general manager: Josh Claman UK VP & General manager Pim Dale UK president: David Marmonti UK VP & manager: Aongus Hegarty UK switchboard num: 01344 860 456 (Local rate from landline and free if you got free calls on your mobile) Dell Dell House The Boulevard Cain Road, Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1LF CEO of Dell: Executive Leadership Team | Dell Manages of Dell Biography:
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