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  1. If you haven't already done so, cancel the direct debit. Make sure there is not a new one. The last time I reversed a direct debit, although many years ago, the charges were also reversed.
  2. Ask your bank for a refund, the direct debit guarantee should apply.
  3. If you are still claiming Carers Allowance or will do so again in the future do not rely on other people to inform them of any changes, do it yourself. For Carers Allowance you can also use the Government Gateway.
  4. Signed. Would it be possible to argue in a court case that the original creditor has mitigated their loss with tax relief and insurance payments, so the amount claimed for should be reduced by the amount mitigated?
  5. If your wife is older you could claim Pension Guarantee Credit as a couple. Otherwise as you are 62 in August you'll be at the state pension age for women on 6th November 2014 or 6th January 2015, when a claim for Pension Guarantee Credit could then be made. Unless Universal Credit is introduced first, when you'll both have to have reached the state pension age for women.
  6. There could be a problem if the Guaranteed Pension Credit rules would treat a deferred State Pension as notional income. If so, this would mean the State Pension you could have received would be deducted from the Guaranteed Pension Credit. Not sure about this, this is something I would find out about if I was in your position, which could be in 2 years time.
  7. While Shop Direct Financial Services were the finance company, who were you shopping with? Similar problem myself, not as far advanced as yours, possibly there was a previous assignment from Shop Direct Financial Services.
  8. You can search the Consumer Credit Act Public Register. The link should now be in my signature. Enter Natwest Insurance as Trading Name then click on the one entry that appears.
  9. Moorcroft have the wrong trading name on the letter. Natwest Insurance & Natwest Fleet Insurance are both trading names of U K Insurance Limited registration no 1179980, credit license no 0277914.
  10. The company has 8 weeks to reply to the questionnaire and the response (or lack of response) will not have any effect unless you go to an Employment Tribunal. Sending in the questionnaire now would have the possibility of affecting the outcome of the decision hearing. The guidance includes this, which should be added to your questions: You may wish to use the form to ask an employer whether: an employment tribunal has ever made a recommendation to them following a previous action taken, under the Act, by a different employee; what that recommendation was; and what action they took to comply with it.
  11. Section 138 of the Equality Act 2010 allows you to obtain information etc. The questionnaire for this is available online. I'm unable to insert a link as my post count has to be 10 or greater. The link should be in my signature now.
  12. The PPI can be cancelled by sending a letter to Customer Service, P.O. Box 399, CHATHAM ME4 4WQ. This is for stopping future payments, use their name for it which is Repayment Option Plan. Sent one myself last week.
  13. If you haven't been to a shop to buy it then you should have rights under the Distance Selling Regulations which can be used.
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