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  1. We have completed TE7 and TE9 forms and also added evidence of new address prior to date of offence. We were going to post but noticed we are able to email them which is obviously quicker. Is this wise or should we still post them?
  2. Thankyou for taking the time to repond. I believe her driving licence also needs updating.
  3. Spoke to Dart charges who confirmed the outstanding charge for last June. They gave me the date and ref. and told me to contact Traffic Enforcement centre. I have been online and printed off the two forms that you mentioned.
  4. Can you help ? My daughter has been informed by our old next door neighbour that the current occupants of our old address have passed to them a Final Notice which was delivered to the address yesterday by an enforcement agent from Marstons. It states that their client is Highways England. The notice states that "despite previous notices and attendances I shall attend to take control of goods and remove for sale by public auction"............ Balance due £425.50 My daughter left that address probably two years ago and I left about eighteen months ago. Neither of us have received any other mail / notifications / phone calls or any such contact relating to this unknown issue. I had mail forwarding for three months but received no related documents. As it mentions Highways England I presume it relates to a traffic offence maybe ? On checking my daughters vehicle documents I can see that she has over looked the updating of the address on her vehicle log book, which would explain why they have approached that address. Presumably there has been previous correspondence which has not been forwarded. The notice although addressed to my daughter and sealed, has been opened so that the owner of my old address as well as my old next door neighbour have viewed this document prior to it reaching us. Before we make contact with these people, what should I be aware of and what are our rights regarding the final notice ? Any help would be much appreciated. TIA
  5. 1. payment 2.failure to comply 3.action stayed 4. agreement f&f settlement 5. supersedes other agreements 6.confidentiality These are the six sections
  6. With regards the Order, it says "The defendant will pay to the claimant in full and final settlement of the claim the sum of £ xxxx by monthly instalments of £ xx the first payment to be made on or before X October 20xx" Am i being picky or should it not say consecutive monthly installments otherwise it could go on forever in theory ?
  7. Strange indeed, so I could end up being 95 years old and summoned to pay or it could happen tomorrow. What do you think the reasoning behind not pursuing could possibly be ?
  8. I got into problems with a credit card and ended up being taken to court by a DCA. A Tomlin order was agreed for me to pay a set monthly payment. I paid for several months until I became unable to afford to do so. This was two years ago and nobody has approached me to remonstrate. What is my position here and how long is the Tomlin order valid for ?
  9. Dx100uk - Thanks for your reply. I will do that now. Do I have any recourse on Egg, it feels wrong that they should just get away with it and what is to stop them doing it again as they have my bank details ? Thanks SS6
  10. As the title says, my wife cancelled her d/d payment to Egg as she had no money to pay the c/c. She advised Egg that this was the case and yet Egg have reinstated the d/d and drawn money from our joint account to pay her c/c, leaving us overdrawn and incurring bank charges. What is the best way to approach this issue ? As you can imagine we are not happy.
  11. I am running out of time now, has anybody any ideas ?
  12. So what is the next step ? I am convinced I have no agreement with RBS, I have received no notice of assignment and hence any alleged agreement would be with TPF. So if this is the case, should I be wasting the courts time or should I tackle this issue now ?
  13. I have put down to defend, but not sure on the path to take ? Thanks
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