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  1. many thanks for replys, car is lexus RX300 at the time i was 2 hrs from home fri after noon as i live in country no way get back, dealer i brought it from was also 2hrs away , id been back there twice for repair costing over 120 pound in fuel. i would come back home would fail again days later. the garage lent me a car to go home in, when i brought the car i asked if everything was checked and serviced and recently when i complained i was told all frictional parts checked, if i knew that this was going to cost me as soon as i brought it i would not have botherd, plus after two atempts my confi
  2. in march i purchased a car costing 11000 from a dealer, on delivery, the hand brake didnt work, its been back twice for repair , lastly on 11 july 2010, after problems with handling i took car to main dealer for check and mot hand brake failed 4 percent, front bushes worn on advisary, rear discs grooved and rear control arm bolts seized in unlocked position not on mot but spotted by garage , total work for repair 1600 as i have no confidence in the dealer i brought it from i autherised repairs, plus told dealer also told him where car was and had time to come inspect but after calls never
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