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  1. thank you that would be most helpful, im confusing myself now!! lol, thanks for your support xxx
  2. Thank you all for your help, Shelly is still worried about what will happen when the baby is born, she is on income support due to her mental health (sickness) when the baby is born will she still be allowed this? she is due a review this October. I think she is worried they will say well shes pregnant or got a baby now so she must be better, where as this wasn't the case it was of course unplanned. When does income support need to be told? they may not even look into the fact that she is living with a considered brother but of course this is hanging over her too, it would of course been a lot easier if she had been living with her sister! I wonder if they would change the sickness income support to single parent? I guess I should maybe offer to contact someone and find out for her but I thought Id ask you guys first so may give her peace of mind xxx
  3. Thank you for your reply, it is confirmed shelly is pregnant, two clear blues confirmed it. I spoke to her and she said she doesn't want the father to have anything to do with the baby, when he was told he made that clear that he didn't want to know to. If she puts UNKNOWN on the certificate will this be OK? and help like you said it would if his name was on the certificate? thank you for your help.
  4. thanks kelcou for the reply, I will chat with her in the morning and hopefully have more replies by then, Love your avatar btw
  5. Hi, Nice to meet you all. I am here to ask a question and as its quite a complicated one I understand if you aren't able to help but any answers are appreciated. My Friend Shelly has been living with her friend for just over a year, when she moved in she had to have someone round to see if they were a couple because he is male and they do not share the same surname. It was declared that they are NOT living as a couple which indeed they are not. The man she is living with has no family and she See's him as her brother, her parents see him as their son as he has none of his own family. The reason Shelly and him are living together was her sister moved back home who shelly dosent get on with, so her parents helped the two of them find somewhere, they thought they could be a support to each other as they are both not very well with their mental health confidence etc. Well Shelly went to stay with her sister for a few weeks for a break and her sister had some friends over. Shelly got close to a boy there and now she fears she maybe pregnant. Obviously this is a shock and she is yet to do the test, I said I would ask somewhere online as she is worried about how this will effect her money. She is on income support, her male friend (considered brother) Is on incapacity. If she is indeed pregnant, who would she need to let know? Would they assume the man she lives with is the father just because he is a man? She seems to think they will though they are not a couple and DO NOT think that way. So I thought Id ask, as she is living as a single person I didn't know how to tell her to go about this or who she needs to let know if she is pregnant. Hope you can help. Thanks.
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