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  1. Cheers for the advice, I did exactly what you said but they responded with 'If you want to take legal advice then its up to you'. No dialogue, No compromise, No nothing. They have currently got my tap and my money and don't seem to give a hoot. You can tell that they bank on people not going to the trouble or expense of taking it further. At the very worst it could be called theft and at the very least its a bad 'company' with a money grabbing attitude and appalling customer service. Come to think of it, I wonder even if they are a real business and whether they are paying taxes as
  2. Thank you all for your kind and useful advice, I have filed a complaint against nicetap with Trading Standards. I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying from not-so-nicetat to not to do so unless they want to risk a similar experience. For info I noticed that they had negative reviews on judgespot but their reviews have now been suspended as nicetat had been stuffing the reviews with their own fake 5 star reviews to push up their rating - very trustworthy. You may still be able to read fragments in a Google search if you hit the cache button.
  3. Thanks for you quick reply. Yes, it was an online sale. I was asking for advice to see if anyone thought that they were doing something against the law before I decided whether or not to take it further. If anyone can confirm that then I will be better prepared. Thanks. Per Bradford News Per Keighley News
  4. The ingredient that was banned was ammonium sulphamate but it also has a second use as a compost maker accelerator and it is still available for this use if you know where to look. Just don't spill it on your weeds on the way to the compost heap - no matter how effective it is!
  5. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice. I order a monobloc tap from nicetap for a replacement kitchen I was having put in. When my kitchen fit was complete the sink was the last thing to go in and I found that the tap leaked internally from the selector valve when switch on. I tried to call nicetap but they never answered the phone, after a couple of days of trying I sent an email to describe my issue. I received a reply saying that since the '7day refund' period had elapsed I could not get a refund only a repair. I told them that I'd been trying to contact them by phone wit
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