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  1. i spoke to the Mortgage Lender was gong to use, and advised to wait until default is off,. i guess i need to shop around a bit more, i was just told i would find it almost impossible with a default. thanks for your advice.
  2. Yep didnt help! best they offered was a letter to say i have run my account ok since.
  3. Hi thanks for replying. They claim to have sent me a default notice which i did not recieve, although they have provided me with a copy, as i did a SAR request. I had to pay it by 8/10/16 which was a weekend and end up payin it on 11/10/16. I was 72 hours late. Welsh water Notification to default date 8/9/16, £206.99, it says "If failed to pay they have a right under Water industry Act 1991 to record a defaulted payment. Having just read it, it was by 6/10/16. Although the letter from moorcroft says the 8/10/16. The importance for removal was that in 20
  4. Thanks I assumed that would be the case, I was sure I ran out of options.
  5. In short, I had a default on SAT 8/10/2016 with Welsh Water, which was passed to Moorcroft Collection, I paid in full on Tuesday 11/10/2016. I was suffering with mental health issues at the time. I have tried to ask for Welsh water to remove the default due to mitigating circumstances, Mental Health and the affect it is having on my personal circumstances. They refused as they say it was correctly recorded, they have however given me a letter stating my good conduct ever since. I asked the consumer council for water to assist in trying to ask them to reconsider.
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