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  1. hiya starting too get a bit worried been too busy to sort my stuff out so still only at the prelim letter before action stage heard today banks are fighting back and winning can anyone throw some light on this i'll be sending the letter this weekend just hope im not too late..............
  2. hi all not been in touch for a while been busy and had to put things on the backburner but im ready to crack on now. I've stopped getting my pay put into to my abbey account is it ok to do this? all set to get my request for bank charges sent on friday just wanted to know if there had been any developments in the last couple of months?.....................
  3. Cheers for e-mailing me them spreadsheets newbody much appreciated, im a bit of a computer biff tho when i edit the spradsheet in the bit where the interest is calculated the word VALUE! is coming up it also prints this anyone any ideas how to get the numerical value in there.. CHEERS....
  4. cheers for your help newbody gonna add 8% contractural rate of interest and see what happens just to air on the side of caution.
  5. found the rates thanks newbody your thread is useful still dont know how to lay them into my schedule of charges though
  6. nice one newbody like it uve persuaded me does any one know what the standard contractural rate of interest is from abbey? would it be ok just to work out the percentage from the total charges then add it to my schedule? or do i need to work it out for each charge and schedule all interest individually?
  7. love the approach newbody but do you think they'll go for that? I cant help but think im over my head here, so if my charges are £3000 i can add 28.7% to that amount? Cheers mate Like your way of doing buisness though will be interested to see how you get on:) .....
  8. its says in the prelim letter that the charges total £xxxxx and £xxxxx you have charged me in overdraft interest. dont really knoe what that is can anyone help will this interest be taken ou the same day as the charges?
  9. any particular person? still stuck on what interest to add on any helping points? thanks for all the help...................
  10. Finished my schedule of charges today and sending the prelimary approach letter. does anyone know the best person to send it to or should i just send it to the same person who signed for sending my statements? in the prelim letter it mentions interest charged on overdraft i havent included it, I dont really know what that is unless its the amount undernath all the charges with the prefix IBD.
  11. how do i set up my schedule of charges cant seem to find it anywhere, I'm probably been thick any help gratefully recieved want to start my claim asap.
  12. hi there james my original request was on the 10th june 2005, so i was waiting quite a while, I phoned them to which they said they had been sent obvious rubbish so i started complaining about the security risk now on my account and telling them how incompotenet they were and threatened a letter to the managing director with regards the matter they said they would be re-sent and i should get them within 28 days which i did but its still been 7 months from my initial request
  13. Hi all hope everyone had a lovely christmas and new year mines been frantic. to my astonishment though i have recieved full copies of my statements going back 6 years which is good. any new news about the abbey situation? im about to prepare my schedule of charges to give to them is there anything else i should be doing at this moment any help is gratefully recieved.
  14. cheers biting back, got 1 yrs worth of statements here not really sure where i am with them, should i just send them the LBA with estimated charges for the last 6yrs based on the 1yrs statements have in my possesion. What is the best format to put the estimates in? bit lost now forgot where I was !!!!
  15. hi, all back from a long time away work forced me to the sunny desert for a few months, still no statements from abbey only the years worth as mentioned before, phoned them kicking off had enough of there S%^t now ive given them enogh time 10th of jone 06 was my first phone call asking for the statements and mid july payment was given for my statements has there been any progress or new things i need to know about before kicking the court proceeding route off? any help i thank for in advance!!!!!!!!!!
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