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  1. And once again they can't even decide on how much they want.
  2. 19 days from when the judgement was requested isn't the same as there being a judgement, i'd phone the Court and ask for clarification.
  3. complain to both oft and fos, also trading standards. advantage with fos is they can take action in individual cases. the others usually just pile up the complaints and then take action once they have a certain number of complaints, that action can be much more severe though like for example mco a pdl that got fined more than half a million pounds.
  4. They also have a disused garage in in Turnbridge Wells (according to official registration its a historic address, but they still put it on some of their letters), also there was another property in the Lyndhurst area, but that took an ugly ending: http://www.residential-property.judiciary.gov.uk/Files/2008/May/000026K7.pdf
  5. Tell them the £100 a month is already more than you can afford and they should either take it or you will only be paying at a rate of £1 a month in the future. And you are absolutely right in not giving them the account details as they would indeed raid it.
  6. According to bbc news there where apparently 4 victims who had been in contact with the police back in 2009 and raised allegations, but nothing ever came of it, so looks like it won't just be the bbc who will have some explaining to do for cover ups.
  7. Not really seen much in the way of success stories, best most of us can hope for is pay off what we actually owe and then just sit back and laugh at the fantasy demands of these muppets.
  8. Tell them openly, each time they refuse they are just going to get offered less. Don't pay them a penny above what you actually owe.
  9. They won't show up at your door, they simply don't have sufficient staff to visit anyone. Even if they did show up, tell them to leave exactly once, if they refuse, call the police. Plus they can't legally enter anyone's property anyway as they are just a DCA and not actual Bailiffs.
  10. Do not worry, they won't take you to Court. All you owe is amount borrowed plus 1 month interest plus initial default fee (that only applies if that fee is fair) minus any payment already made, all other charges are unenforceable penalty charges and they can't charge you interest after the original due date as there is no more credit agreement as that ended on the due date.
  11. they are also mco, the pdl that has been fined more than half a million pounds and had its license revoked by the oft yet they continue to trade due to the appeal process taking a long time as well as using their other credit license.
  12. I would send the letter found here to Quick quid, as well as Motormile, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?428-General-debt-letter-if-you-know-nothing-of-the-debt Also ask Quick Quid for clarification of who owns the debt, if they say they sold it, request a notice of assignment. As for NDR / MH get in a complaint with the FOS (technically you are supposed to complain to Ndr first and give them 8 weeks to respond, but just explain to the fos that Ndr bounces emails and physical mail goes to empty properties), as well as Trading Standards and the OfCom. Unfortunately other than blocking calls from Ndr / MH with the phone if it supports it and complaining to regulatory outfits there ain't much that can be done to stop their harassment, someone who posted in another thread went to view the empty garage of ndr / mh with a property agency and there where piles of unopened letters for them inside. I would also check with the credit reference agencies to see if there is anything else amiss, because from the sounds of it you may well have been a victim of identity theft and someone else took out a loan in your name.
  13. They may think they are like the bullies at school who can get away with whatever they want cause the teacher has no real power, but this is the real world and there is no Teacher but rather a Judge and they won't get away with their bullying.
  14. paul49, can we have some more details cause currently its all a bit unclear which makes it hard to offer much advice. first of all, Motormile is one company, while NDR / Marshall Hoares is another company, which leads to the question is it one and the same debt they are chasing? If yes, which one of them legally owns the debt? Where is the debt originally from? a payday loan? if yes, which pdl company? When was the loan taken out and for how much? how much has been repaid? Also, contrary to what BRIGADIER2JCS implied by providing a phonenumber, do NOT under any circumstances ever phone any pdl or dca unless you can record the call in full, those companies are well known for agreeing to payment plans over the phone only to turn around and raid your bank account, as well as making extreme threats. Keep it all in writing, the law is on your side, but only if evidence exists.
  15. Lovely, what they've sent now is so bad it will put their claim with the court as well as their credit license in very serious trouble. If you want to you can reply, something along the line of: Something simple along the lines of this would do. It should be enough to tip them off that they are in very serious trouble and hopefully they would then leave you alone. If they then still keep sending stupid stuff, reply with a short time line:
  16. they better rush that investigation, before Cyprus has him extradited for certain property dealings.
  17. haha, they just keep hammering nails in their own coffin.
  18. yes, thats all for now, we will have to see what they do next, back out, mediation or try to push on with the claim.
  19. I would add copies of proof of payment yes, plus a print out of the email from the 12th. You could also still show it at the hearing in Court if it ever came to one, but frankly there is a reasonable chance Safeloans will be too scared to pursue you any further anyway after the Court has seen the email of a made up Judgement.
  20. Yes, contradictions are something they do often, usually they can't even agree with them self on how much they want, which could be seen by some as proof that they just throw darts at charts to determine the amount owed.
  21. Ok as said before you need to dispute it in full. I'd submit the following as a defence to the Court: You will need to insert some details like dates, but its essentially just an adapted version of the defence sillygirl1 posted here, cause why reinvent the wheel? Then just send it off to the Court, recorded delivery of course. Its a wee bit sneaky to put in the reference to the false claims from that email in the defence, but frankly safeloans deserves their tactics to be exposed to the Courts, plus it can't hurt if you can drag their credibility down to subzero with just one email. At this point you can just ignore any such drivel safeloans sends you.
  22. Ok, total you would have to pay back in theory on a 30 day loan with safeloans on a £200 loan would be, £200 amount borrowed £60 interest Initial default fee, which has to be fair, there isn't really any hard number for that, but with Credit Cards its £12, so we can just use that as its not really relevant in the bigger picture. The total would be £272, you paid £380, so they get £108 more than what they should have gotten and the debt should be considered settled, I'll try what I can come up with for a defence to submit.
  23. No, don't worry, doesn't matter if you receive anything from CIM, Toothfairy, Speedcredit, Northern Debt Recovery, Marshall Hoares Bailiffs, Appleton Masey Solicitors or MCO, they are all the same. Just keep offering them what you actually owe and not a penny more, their fees are unenforceable anyway as they are penalty charges and not reasonable fees to cover actual provable collection activity.
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