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  1. Nice little list of confessions in the letters they are sending out: http://i57.tinypic.com/ju8rif.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/rwrsk5.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/eim5qg.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/ivbad5.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/23uybk4.jpg
  2. Money arrived today, took 11 month in total, but at least they paid up unlike certain others who conveniently folded the second the fca bared its teeth.
  3. I finally got the letter today detailing how much money I will get back from wonga, they definitely delayed as much as they could as its been almost a year, now lets see if the money ever actually comes:lol:
  4. Problem with SOGA is that the burden of proof is only on the shop for the first 6 months, after that burden of proof moves to the buyer, so for the first 6 month SOGA is better yes, but then for months 7 - 24 1999/44/EC comes out tops (and then it goes back to soga due to 1999/44/EC only being 2 years).
  5. The unemployed will simply end up being exploited for cheap labour and paid jobs will be cut. All you have to do is look over the borders, Germany already has a system where the long term unemployed have to do work to keep their benefits entitlement, know what the result is? Unscrupulous companies like Amazon run on the bare minimum of staff and then simply get those on the dole to do the work for free whenever demand peaks.
  6. While it is disgusting what PerfectHome has done, lets not forget the real issue. Rampant poverty, benefits cuts and unfurnished council housing (you don't even get white goods) leaves very large numbers of people without any alternatives to the legal loan sharks with no lending standards (and no morals if it comes to debt collection).
  7. Good news, Cash Genie will no longer issue any loans at all, so hopefully less people will get in trouble in the future, just got this email out of the blue:
  8. Banks usually review overdrafts annually (as in look for any action they can take to slap you with more interest and fees). They promised you a interest free £1000 overdraft for 12 month, are you certain the offer was for 12 month from account opening with those terms and not 12 month / annual review date whichever comes first?
  9. Zero surprise: Economy goes bottoms up, hundreds of thousands get fired / have their salary cut, Banks stop lending and at the same time cost of living keeps exploding. As a consequence people go overdrawn, Banks exploit them with extortionate fees. People with nothing to eat cling on to any promise of money, even if its a payday loan. Crackdown on irresponsible lending by pdayday lenders. Hundreds of dodgy "brokers" jump on the gravy train by falsely promising payday loans would still be possible for those who have nothing. Now that the dodgy "brokers" are raiding peoples bank accounts the banks are scared that there will be nothing left for them to take with their "go starve to death" fees.
  10. Natalie2014 did you use Noddle to check if its gone? If yes keep in mind that Noddle only updates the data it shows to normal people once per month.
  11. While I do usually tell people to pay what they owe, with this particular corporate construct involved I would strongly advice against paying even one single penny. Further I would suggest to completely ignore that company. The people behind it are the same people who ran MCO Capital / Speed Credit / Toothfairy / CIM / Marshall Hoares / meddled in dodgy time shares in Cyprus / used to sell pornography / had some of their credit licenses involved / use highly suspect addresses to officially conduct their business from / got busted by the OFT for trapping people in subscriptions for dodgy credit record services / some of them have criminal convictions... Need I go on?
  12. Question for me is if we should we believe that Wonga was specifically allowed to exclude the customers where debts where sold on? I would advice to keep fighting the issue until clarification on that comes.
  13. Essentially what needs to happen is that the FCA needs to yell at Wonga that Wonga was wrong to exclude sold off debts from the write off program. Unfortunately the FCA doesn't usually do anything in individual cases, in other words, unless they get swamped in complaints they will do nothing. So the only route left to try to get it written off is a formal complaint to wonga, if they fail to do what you want you can then complain to the FOS. Of course it is still a good idea to keep the FCA in the loop with all the excuses wonga provides you and such.
  14. From what I have seen in other threads around here as well as from personal experience they have indeed excluded everyone who had their debt sold off from the write off program. Not much you can do other than sending a letter headed Formal Complaint to Wonga detailing your objections to the practice. If they fail to give you the desired response within 8 weeks you can then complain to the FOS.
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