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  1. Hi all, Looking for a little clarification on the best course of action to resolve a matter with debt managers ltd. received a letter dated 6th november 2012 addressed to me reads as follows Now to explain, I am in the process of resolving a couple of outstanding debts with two different creditors. I am looking to clear my debts, but want to make sure i only pay people who are entitled to the money. I responded via email with 5 days later they replied with reading over it again I realise I acted a little in haste with my reply and had n
  2. Ims, it was in fact lowell portfolio, but without the 'I' afterwards! hamptons legal one to look forward in the future I guess then
  3. Thank you guys, that is sent, was going to say lets see what comes next but this morning I received a 'you have 5 days to pay or agree a payment plan or we will send in the dogs... err solicitors' letter. I have adapted Letter A from the creditors and DCAs section in the library stating i am seeking advice on the matter and asking for any action to be held on the account for 28 days. Cap 1 should get back to me with the SAR information in that time and I cna then proceed to get the charges removed. Thanks again for your input so far Very happy cagger
  4. Hi, Firstly I'd like to say how useful I have found this site in the past. Now to the matter in hand. A couple of months ago I received a letter from Lowell portfolio I, with regard to a capital one card I had several years ago. I replied with a CCA request and heard nothing in 4 months. (Unfortunately my laptop hard drive failed in this time so no longer have my copy of the CCA, but it will of followed a template from here.) Lowell have since sent me a copy of my original credit agreement and a letter stating neither themselves nor capital one see any reason why I should not
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