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  1. Dont be a worried wife:) No one will be coming round to your house in 72 hours (they just standard letters) However if anyone comes you tell them to leave or you will call the police immediately. But dont worry:)
  2. £10 is far to much for someone on JSA!!! Dont speak to the idiots on the phone Writing only. THEY WONT TAKE YOU TO COURT..!!!! Ive dealt with the over the years and they have done nothing but scream and shout:)
  3. HL Legal are just the monkeys who work next to the capquest threat desk.
  4. I never ring the "0870" numbers always look @ no to 0870
  5. You mis understand my post..... It took me many phone calls of insisting to speak to barry, refusing to be fobbed off etc. Hes a smarmy sounding g*t With regards to the call centre in SA when you ask to speak to "barry" they say they know what its all about it. Was quite funny when i asked if he was available they said he wasnt. I said how can you see accross the ocean.... Hope that clears it up:)
  6. The good people on here will explain how you get this rubbish set aside They are issuing these like confetti now
  7. Ooo its a euro Fan!!! ECP are definate [problematic] and a bunch of idiots I phoned them up, they claimed on the phone to take everyone who doesnt pay to court They dont.! Now where can i find a free car parking space....
  8. You dont get it do you These people are running a [problem] You dont work for Euro car parks do you lol:D
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