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  1. I have held off contributing for many years. For reasons which will become obvious. I am a doctor and several years ago a patient, who I cannot name for confidentiality reasons, covertly recorded a consultation. Six months later he posted a YouTube video with highly edited extracts of this recording, accompanied by copyrighted pictures of me taken from websites, along with my full name and where I worked. The title of his submission was defamatory, as there was no evidence in the video that I was as the title stated. YouTube agreed and he had to change the title. I can give no more detail as that would breach his confidentiality, even though he put it in the public domain. The facts were distorted, but I was advised my my legal advisors that I could take no other action. All the allegations were untrue. This was a betrayal of trust between a professional and his patient and he furthermore made a sufficient number of racist remarks during the consultation that I felt I could not continue to treat him. I offered to refer him to my senior colleague for further management. I have not seen him since, but his videos are still indexed by Google. This is the downside of recording. I will always agree to a recording (audio or even video) even though I am not photogenic, as I have over the last 35years striven to be open and honest with nothing to hide. But this episode revealed the downside, and I am, all this time later, still angry and feel betrayed. I was, after all, just trying to help him.
  2. Wow. And Ouch. Now you all know that I have a conflict of interest here, and I'm as ready as the next (or last) man to roundly condemn a geriatric doctor working well beyond his competence, professionally, pharmacologically, linguistically, geographically and at the limits of wakefulness, spurred on by the purest greed (allegedly - why else would a 67-year old german doctor specialising in anti-aging medicine - whatever the hell that is - inflict his limited talents on the vulnerable british public?), BUT.... I'd submit that any member of any profession (medical, legal, politician, tinker, tailor, soldier etc) would recoil in horror at the thought of more monitoring, governance, targets, box-ticking and general erosion of professionalism which accompanies the fact that nobody's allowed to do their job any more without an AWC* (my favourite management three-letter abbreviation) breathing down their neck. The fact that the consortium run by the GPs was appallingly run probably demonstrates that the GPs talents lay in what they were trained for - being doctors not managers. And the fact is that some will just be crap at both roles. I'm most certainly not defending any of the apparent half-wits involved, but in the interests of balance, there are some of us who work damn hard at being damn good at what we do. The culture which has arisen in the last few years of assuming some devious power-grabbing sub-plot festering in the black hearts of every bone-idle doctor who chooses to inflict himself on the unsuspecting vulnerable suffering public when they're not on the golf course is....saddening. As an example - everybody remembers Harold Shipman, who basically committed a series of criminal acts (murder) abusing his position of power. Ther then followed a series of legislative and administrative changes to make us all feel that we were all potential Shipmans. Well - I'm not. As a parallel, at about the same time, Fred West murdered and tortured and buried several young women under his patio. Did the government rush through legislation regulating the sale and supply of paving slabs? And all builders having to go through extra "Don't murder people" training..... OK you get the point. Not that I'm closing ranks, as, trust me, I have at least as much disdain for some of my profession as anyone, but I thought I might try and stem the tide of vitriol. And if a court case as described does ensue, which seems unlikely, as the news seems to indicate that Dr Ubani will be going to court in order to be struck off in Germany, we'll doubtless be told it's cost several million pounds...just a reminder that the medical profession isn't the only allegedly overpaid lot steeped in arcane tradition. But at least you don't get sent to gaol for not standing up and bowing when a doctor comes into the room. There, rant over - sorry. I feel better now. Oh - AWC = A**hole with clipboard - I've had senior management agreeing "to have an AWC following me round all day to audit the use of my time"... feel free to borrow that one.
  3. Thank you all for those replies. I needed no reassurance that my experieces would not have happened with a more reasonable patient, as the vast majority are. Ironically, were I to give any information which could lead anyone to find this youtube item, then I would be in breach of confidentiality, which is of course part of the duty of care and implied mutual trust in a therapeutic relationship. Of course that particular man is pretty malicious misguided and, as far as picnic-based deficiencies go, lacking not just a few sandwiches, but an entire suite of Tupperware, rug, field and indeed a suitable planet on which to base said al-fresco eating activity. I've not managed to remove his re-postings since he doesn't actually defame me personally, and it is the case that misguided misrepresentation is not necessarily illegal. As it stands, viewers of the videos may see that even in the selectively edited account of the encounter, I'm pretty reasonable and thoroughly human, and any but those with an alternative agenda will come to a sensible conclusion, if they can be bothered to stick it out for the 23 minutes duration. To conclude, while knowledge of a consultation being recorded might be a cramp on some styles, it wouldn't and doesn't worry me. It's the dishonesty and betrayal of trust which really annoys me. So feel free to record anything I say in a clinical situation but abuse should be discouraged.
  4. Can I add a different perspective? I am an NHS consultant and I have absolutely no problem with my patients recording consultations. However, I do believe the following scenario to be unacceptable. I saw a patient at the end of my clinic, some would say foolishly, as he had turned up on the wrong day, but seemed desperate. During the course of a rather rambling consultation, details of which I won't go into, we arrived at the conclusion (after 45 minutes) that we weren't going to establish a beneficial therapeutic relationship, as he'd made the offensive statement that he wouldn't be treated by Indian doctors - amongst a myriad of statements indicating some probably pretty disordered thought processes. Imagine my shock when some 8 months later, there appeared a youtube video, consisting of highly edited portions of the consultation which he had covertly recorded, with my image and his with transcribed annotations. He omitted the more bizarre sections, including the racism, and about 37 of the 45 minutes were unrepresented. You tube retracted the videos, as the title was defamatory and identified me. However, he's resubmitted them under a different title - which accuses a surgeon of "butchering" him I feel frankly that the patient has betrayed my trust. Any clinical interaction should be based on, among other things, honesty. I feel used . As an aside, I thought I appeared actually quite reasonable on the video, even in the edited version. You'll note that I've been careful not to identify the patient or myself, as that would be a breach of confidentiality, even though he's chosen to put it all in the public domain, as I'm apparently deemed to have no privacy rights in the matter. I'll state again that I have no problem with recordings at all, but I felt that I should point out that it's not journalistic flight of fancy, as I'm told that the Medical Defence Union deal with about 4 queries concerning this sort of abuse per year. And there's no point in suing him, cos it's not about money - and he hasn't got any anyway, although he clearly owns some video editing equipment.
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