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  1. This is a tricky one, as it is an internal document (26 pages) and I don't want to get caught out in any way. Most if it seems to me irrelevant in relation to the current issue - being largely about eligibility depending on your role within the organisation, what the purpose of the lease option is, choosing a car, getting quotes, reimbursement of business mileage etc. There is 1 page headed Duration of Hire, which says "In respect of the vehicle being available for the employee's private use, the User agrees to pay to [the organisation]" then lists various charges such as early termination, damage not covered by insurance etc etc. In this bit it includes "All sums which [the organisation] becomes liable to pay by way of fine penalty or damages which may be incurred whilst the Vehicle is being used privately or on business during the currency of the relevant Agreement or any costs, charges or expenses incurred in respect of taking or defending any proceedings connected therewith save to the extent covered therewith by the insurance policy relating to the Vehicle". Near the end it says that the agreement is covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. These are the only bits related to paying anything above my usual monthly charge.
  2. Green & Mean, Hymn & Mi Thanks for your continued thoughts and support on this issue. Please excuse my ignorance, but can you give me OP & PI (from previous messages) in full! Probably something very simple, but just can't think - long day! In respect of the lease contract - through my employment, I just have a policy document, not a signed contract. The relevant section under Employee Obligations, states "Pay any parking fines or other penalties incurred in respect of the Vehicle during the period of the Agreement. Payments to be deducted from employee's salary through payroll". So potentially I've hit another obstacle if this overrides our belief that the PCN invalid. In fact I was asked to forward a cheque, which I have not (instead explained the appeal and predicament) and I have not had any deductions from my salary. They may just decide to take it at the end of my lease period which is a good while away yet.
  3. Dear Hymn & Mi Yes the fine was paid by the lease firm, before they told me the PCN had been issued! I was told by email in July, the contravention being in May. I have not paid anything myself yet, but have advised the lease firm that I am appealing and the potential extent of this problem. I would have to check the lease policy to see what I am liable for, although if a PCN has been wrongly issued, surely I am not liable (and neither in truth should the lease co. be) My appeal letter stated the exact wording you refer to 4(3)e, about "may be served" etc. I quoted it directly. This has been explained away in the reply I received. Gotta keep trying. Thanks for the PMs
  4. Hi Boonburger How was your PCN a mistake? On what grounds did you appeal. I hope I have your luck!
  5. Dear Green & Mean, Hymn & Mi (and others) Following telephone and email follow ups to the Mayor's office, regarding my PCN appeal - I have finally received the attached letter from the appeals supervisor. I feel this is unsatisfactory and seems to absolve RBK of the non compliant signage and legislation used, which have been mentioned by a number of users on this and other forums. The letter states that I can go nowhere with this appeal because the fine has already been paid (if followers recall - by my lease company, without notifying me of the PCN until after they had paid the fine). The lease firm have charged me £29.37 admin (inc VAT) - basically for sending me an email. They are looking to claw back £89.37 from me, and now RBK are telling me the PCN was correct - I still don't think so. Please tell me - is this a problem with RBK or my leasing co, or both!? RBK letter attached Many thanks for your advice Kingston reply.doc
  6. I have still not received a reply to my letters to the parking shop, or the mayor of Kingston - not even an acknowledgement. I have left a telpehone message at the mayor's office and also emailed asking for a response. Nil so far. Surely they are obliged to respond within a reasonable time llimit? I wrote on 14 July.
  7. Thank you. I will await a response to my letters. The 2 points in my appeal are wrong legislation (LLA Act 1996) because section does not constitute a bus lane as defined by law (have also highlighted the council's awareness of the problem as detailed in that report of Dec 2008), and, the wording '...enforcement WILL be served', instead of MAY. I hope I understood all the previous postings correctly on this matter! I wonder if Boonburger's PCN was cancelled? My difficulty may be that the PCN has already been paid so I need a refund rather than a cancellation. Fingers crossed.
  8. I have also received one of these perishing PCNs for "being in a bus lane" in Eden Street on 23 May. I have no recollection of driving in a bus lane and having read these threads and those on another site, I now realise why - that street section is very misleading, I didn't even know I was in the wrong bit. To add to the difficulty, my car is leased and the notice went to the leasing company who pay automatically and then recover the charge from the driver. I had no knowledge of this notice until yesterday and have had no opportunity to contest until now. I have written a letter of appeal following the points of incorrect legislation and wording on the PCN. Also written to the Mayor highlighting the issues of incorrect road markings as well. I hope I can get a refund, I have also been charged an admin fee by my leasing company for them sending me the invoice!
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