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  1. True though. Just like Hackney Carriages can park up anywhere they want and not get a parking ticket if there is a bail of hay in front of their cab!
  2. There are loads of laws that protect people while traveling. Bet you didnt know that you can actually walk into any venue that serves food and demand a glass of water and a bread roll and they have to give it to you for free.
  3. I have just got one as well and looked into it. No where on the ticket does it say you must pay the ticket. It only states that the ticket should not be ignored. It is issued under the Administration of Justice Act 1970 which is only to say that they are legally allowed to try to get money from you. However travelers laws allow you to park on private property for a certain time period. The person can try to get money from you but if you don't want to pay you don't have to. This is why you never end up in court with them. You don't have to pay and they are only asking you if you would like to.
  4. The thing is they want you in as much debt as possible and they want to credit default list you so you cant move away. I personally think that credit cards are like cocaine. The absolute product of the devil himself. No wonder the two are used together.
  5. I have a Natwest Account and a Mint Card with the minimum fee being taken from the NatWest Account each month. I have two payments going into the Natwest Account each month which are capable of repaying the Mint Card and a few other outgoings. Neither of these accounts are my main bank accounts. Anyway I went away about a year ago for 8 months knowing full well the Mint Card was maxed but I was not in a position to repay it. The account went £12 over the limit. This is when they started to apply fees and issued a default sum. They also increased the interest rate to a fee which works out at about 38% per annum interest. In doing this the monthly repayments were more the the income to my Natwest account and I ended up going overdrawn. I then had 'Paid Referral Fees' hit onto this account. The total these fees are is £90 per month. I have also been classed as a default payer on this account as well. In total the fees on the Mint Card that I have been charged extra for a £2200 overdraft which went £12 past the overdraft limit are in my opinion £800 approx extra. and the fees for the Natwest Account are just over £1000. The two companies are both part of the RBS group which I also did have my main account with which was quite capable of repaying any debt. Should I just issue a small claims judgement against RBS for the total sum or do I do two separate ones on each company? Thanks for any help. David
  6. Thing that you want to look at with Mint cards is the way how once you go above your agreed overdraft limit they bang your interest amount right up. They are really a vile bunch of people.
  7. I have my card paid off each month on minimum fees to keep me cool and I still get these. Thing is I went away for 6 months and came back and there were 6 default notices against me. They offered me 2 months to be deducted but the default notices were to remain as that was their obligation. I have now paid off most of the card and I am going to follow through getting the full amount paid back and the default charges removed.
  8. Basically you end up paying £90 per month to be overdrawn. I am currently taking Natwest to court over it. The thing with Natwest and all RBS accounts is that they are designed to financially rape the person when they are down. My £100 unauthorised overdraft ended up costing me over £1000 in about 13 months. Even though I had money going in the account couldnt get back into the positive due to them constantly applying fees onto it. These messures were put in by Fred The Shred who also made over 29,000 RBS staff redundant to improve profits.
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