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  1. Hi, Anyone with 'fresh eyes' able to help? or offer some advice? Many Thanks!
  2. Thank you very much for the reply. The agreement reads; 180 months at £244.03 per month totaling £43,925.40 with the total charge for credit £28,925.40. (Sorry about the poor copy of the agreement) Really appreciate your input and as you say hopefully more people with an eye for this agreements can help! Thanks again. Ben
  3. Anyone? Any Thoughts at all? Im not trying to wriggle out of anything as im fully aware im the one that signed the agreement, however the figures just don't seem to add up to me and I was told that a 'Total' should be shown? Any ideas on what this is? Again, any advice gratefully received! Thanks Ben
  4. Forgot to mention that I am also getting phone calls from Welcome asking me to pay extra per month as it will benefit me in the long run. Any advice/opinion very much appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I have a Secured Welcome Loan which I took out for £15000 in 2007. Something about the agreement and the charges and the statements I have don't seem right. I believe im paying too much, the APR is incorrect for the amount im paying. Overall if anyone can offer their advice it would be much appreciated. I have attached a copy of my agreement, something may stand out to someone else that doesn't to me. Help gratefully received!!
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