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  1. Thank you Elmo South. I am going to look at the website that you have suggested and pass on your advice to my partner. Thank you again.
  2. Apologies for the late reply - no access to a computer till now...I am really grateful for all your advice and support. What an amazing forum that total strangers should take the time and trouble to offer advice. If this does get resolved and my money woes improve - I will definitely be donating to this website as I think it is just wonderful that something like this exists. Thank you to everyone. Particularly Sidewinder. Thank you so much for all the trouble you have gone to writing such a detailed response. I have not made any progress convincing my partner to deal with this situation
  3. I am extremely concerned about my partner and would appreciate any advice you can offer on what to do. My partner has been working for the same company for over 18 months. He is on a very high salary of over 80K per year plus bonuses (that have not happened yet). The company is a Ltd company and has a large factory that employs hundreds of people. He is paid by this company but works independently for the boss on a different project - which is a property development. He is registered as an employee and paid by the factory that the boss owns. For the first year, there were no issues with
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