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  1. Took out a car insurance policy last week with Performance Direct of Romford, Essex. Although it does not start until tomorrow (Friday 25th March) when I tried to cancel it, they informed me that I will have to pay a policy set up charge of £45. It does state this in their small print but I was not made aware over the phone when I took the policy out. I thought you have at least a 7 or 14 day cooling off period for over the phone sales. Can they legally still charge or is this just contractual bull.
  2. I recently made an insurance claim to have my damaged laminate floor replaced. My insurers say I can use one of three companies and I chose Floors 2 Go and their Signature Plus Oak laminate with 25 year guarantee at £19.99 p/sq metre. Initially I did not tell them it was to be paid for by my insurance company but they gave me all the spiel about we are doing a special extended discount and you can have 20% off if you buy today. We agreed a price for the laminate and I also asked a price for fitting which they said would be £490 but they were fairly sure they could get £50 off if they asked
  3. It was a salesman called Jon Fisher that conned me into buying a leather sofa from their Cannock branch. It was just before all this kicked off so he must have known what was coming. He made a big play on how good and trustworthy ELS was and how he would never have anything to do with a dodgy company. He also said he worked frequently at the Luton branch, so maybe that's where he is now.
  4. Not sure if its relevant but just found this address with no name attached . EXCLUSIVE LEATHER SOFAS (SOUTH EAST) LIMITED 9 BUTTERNUT COPSE, ASHFORD, KENT, TN23 3PG 3-10-2005 Status: Active Last Accounts Filed up to: 31-03-2009
  5. Re Google Maps: Note the security van out side ... Land of Leather... Leather Lords Ltd. Must be delivering wages. Most people will know that Ltd or Limited in a company name is actually a warning and if a company goes bust, the directors/owners can keep our hard earned cash and swan off to their foreign villas.
  6. I also became suspicious and on the 31st August asked Staffs Trading Standards for info on ELS and a company they said was based in Italy called New Trend Concepts who were supposed to making my leather sofa, but strangely their website did a disappearing act around the time this all this kicked off. TS replied on the 2nd September and simply offered general advice on what do if they don't deliver and no mention of other complaints, of which there must be many. The only advice they gave with regard to New Trend Concepts was the following... 'Unfortunately, I do not have any information fro
  7. Its open cos their getting ready to clear out the stock!
  8. Just visited ELS in Cannock today at 10.45am and found it locked but display furniture still inside. No one around and car park empty with a barrier across the main entrance. No signs anywhere to say if they are closing or still in business, but given the fate of the Birmingham branch it doesn't look very promising. I for one will be contacting my credit card company to see about a refund. I took photos but only have 5 posts so cannot include direct links here. However, if you paste the links into a browser you should be able to see them, just replace * with h in the address and close t
  9. I rang their Cannock branch this morning and also had no reply. I live near Cannock and will take a drive to see if they are still open and report back. My order was placed on the 8th of July for a Minuetto suite costing £1769.99, I don't think I will ever see it.
  10. Not sure what this means but I found this listing on the London Gazette to day. Gazette Issue 822697 published on the 10 August 2010. Page 581 of 1823 EXCLUSIVE LEATHER SOFAS LIMITED 04290207 (D1) 30/07/2010
  11. Not sure what this means but I found this listing on the London Gazette to day. Gazette Issue 822697 published on the 10 August 2010. Page 581 of 1823 EXCLUSIVE LEATHER SOFAS LIMITED 04290207 (D1) 30/07/2010
  12. Update: Just had a phone call from the original salesman to say it will now be at least 14 weeks and possibly more to delivery our leather sofa and not the 8 to 12 weeks as written on our order form. The reason they gave is due to Italy's religious and holiday festivals during August and September. But that was why he said it was going to take up to 12 weeks in the first place. I asked for a refund and when he rang back, miraculously they can now deliver in 12 weeks. I asked how they are now able to deliver in 12 weeks and he said they would push the order ahead of the queue. If not he 'a
  13. We placed an order for a Minuetto suite last week with the Cannock branch and was told we could keep the price down if we paid the whole amount up front by either cash or cheque. I said I would only pay on credit card and they said OK no problem. The trouble is we will have to wait up to 12 weeks for delivery from their supplier called New Trend Concepts in Italy. Needless to say, I will be keeping a very close eye on them, not least because of everything I have read here and in other posts, and because New Trends Concepts doesn't sound very Italian. They admit that there are inferior co
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