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  1. Are you mad its your responsibility to make sure funds there bank has 2 choices pay the item which means your over an overdraft limit and will pay a charge or return it and then there will be a charge . Its not up to the bank to manage the account thats your job . You say how many people check their bank account well your supposed to and in my view its your fault tnot theirs all they are doing is trying to make as much money out of you as they can . You have no valid reason to get any money back at all Id ask for it as its worth a try but dont be surprised if they say no they have no reason to give it back if its their error yes you may have a case but its not .
  2. I d love to know on what basis youd ask for the charges back business account reclaims are worse than personal I cant see any reasons in what you say to try to force santander to pay them back as its your errors not theirs ...id love to get mine back sorry cant be any more help apart from saying switch banks ....regards Gary Thank you.
  3. Basically credit paid into my credit card account was misprocessed as £20 instead of £2000 this led to items for my business being declined so i didnt get stock pre xmas so i couldnt sell it . I was offered £200 by bank refused took them to court ive been told to replead my claim as this case was stayed some years ago as it involved other things which have been dropped now but im proceeding with "claim for loss of profits / damages call it what you like ." However my poc on this aspect was rubbish hence judge says i have to replead . So I need bullet points which Ill expand on ie Is this breach of contract as they havent processed right Is it negligence ? What rules or regulations have they broken What cases can I use Durkin Kopraher (sorry if ive spelt wrong ) etc Please I need this done this week sorry to be pain Regards Gaz
  4. case discontinued by solicitors can i claim as litigent in person for travel to hearing for paperwork time etc as its small claim and its been going on 4 years .....many thanks for al help especially Andyorch Regards gaz
  5. ou must use anything and everything to succeed at stopping their application for SJ. If you do lose then anything not used would be considered as " if only I had said .........." If you do succeed the claim proceeds and you will have plenty of time to focus on points of detail.
  6. thanks Andy thats a good start I look forward to receiving any other juicy bits about "enforcement using reconstituted agreement " when they have admitted they havent got it due to time elapsed regards Gaz
  7. Dear Andy isnt a lot of time left if you give me some bullet points I can add meat ?
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