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  1. The council have confirmed again this morning that the debt has been withdrawn from Equita and I have a copy of my payment arrangement so I have politely text the bailiff and informed him of the above and that any further letters or visits from Equita will be viewed as harassment and I will be contacting the police to press charges. Hopefully this will be the end of it
  2. Thanks for the reply. I've already formally complained to Equita and as you said they fully backed the actions of their bailiff even though he tried to extort additional money from us. They said he was forceful and professional and in no way dishonest!! I then complained to the council and HMCS regarding his conduct. Thanks for the links I will try them too. i'm not dropping this until something is done. I've contacted the council again and requested a fax from them today to state that Equita have no right to collect the debt so will be ready for him tomorrow with the Police on
  3. Firstly great site and hi to everyone and sorry for the long post. My problems started about 2 months ago when we received a visit from Equita and the bailiff demanded £400 in cash within 24 hours or he would be back to remove goods. The debt is a council tax debt which my partner had before we got together. Luckily my partner did not let him in the house, mainly because he was very rude and aggressive. I phoned the bailiff and asked for a breakdown of the debt and he could not tell us! I emailed the council and Equita offices and received confirmation back that the debt was £185 +
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