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  1. Thanks dx100uk. I was sort of under the impression once I started talking to them and agreed an F&F it would get marked as settled and show on my history again? If this is not the case then I will talk to them and see what I can agree!
  2. Hi All, It's been a while and I'm just after the best way to go with a couple of CCJ's that are off my credit history and my current Experian score is 999. Been paying £25pm on both for ages but I'd like to get them done and dusted by getting agreed in writing F&F but would hope to not mess with my credit score due to up coming projects that may rely on it. I had an email today from the Hoist one offering a settlement of around £5k on a £10k balance but I'm not sure how this would affect my score if I agreed or raised my head and offered them £2k to settle? Your advice please
  3. Phoned the court they say I can apply to vary but in the meantime I am likely to get a visit from the bailiffs to enforce the judgement. In real terms what are they likely to do? We have nothing of real value for them to take so are they likely to just go for a charge on the house or something else?
  4. Well I won't be able to do that for nearly 3 weeks as I don't have £50 to spare till I get paid I'll email the Claimant as a start I guess
  5. CCJ delivered by hand today it appears. I obviously don't have the money to pay it in full so how do I proceed to get it changed to a sensible monthly amount
  6. Small Claims I'm not really sure how to put my WS together as I said earlier in thread. I'm not good at this sort of thing! I may try writing to them this weekend but I won't hold much hope as I'm sure the robbing gits will want the full amount at a stupid rate per month even though the debt cost them peanuts
  7. Attached Yes opening date is 25/2/2008 I will try and do WS tomorrow but I'm running out of time to do mine now
  8. OK accepted but reason I came late was that the Claim arrived while I was away as said before and the SAR CCA went in and they failed to respond at all so although late they were never going to respond As far as asking the bank for info what do I need to ask for. The start date is correct for starters that I know for sure?
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