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  1. Does anyone know just what banking details do the credit reference agencies have in regard to our personal details please? If they hold the same information as we do ourselves, then this would surely be a breach of data protection as our information could then be sold on to any unscrupulous person(s) wishing to steal our identity. I have considered asking a couple of CRA's for all of the information that hold on me, but I doubt if they would be daft enough to give away something that could be used against themselves. I would expect that someone here knows just what they are allowed to have and just what they do have.
  2. Hi Worriedmum, you could always ring your solicitor and ask if he informed the DWP of this payment, although this would be very unlikely indeed. Nor can I see the DWP having access to your bank statement(s) so quickly. Perhaps they have a way of getting your bank details very quickly, but I'm unsure of this. I hope all goes well for you.
  3. I was informed that i was under suspicion of benefit fraud due to payments coming from my employer each month Hi Generalbear, Do the DWP have your bank statements that show these payments?
  4. Hi Erika, it is a real shame that you are being targetted. I have been wondering, is it just possible that someone has given your personal details from the CAG site to HMRC as they will not like people whom offer support to others. I am unsure of the confidentiality of information that CAG holds on members, but know that most authorities don't like people whom not only stand up for their own rights, but also provide good information for others too. Just a thought. So in effect, if the authorities asked for your email address or any other information about you, could it given to them by someone else in order that they could 'track you down' to give you a rough time?
  5. I am right in believing that they can also charge for photocopying up to a max of £50.00?
  6. Thanks Seq, I can see exactly where you are coming from and totally agree with the arrangements. You all prove your worth on the site team. It is good to know that there is a wealth of knowledge to be had right here. Thank you all. Best Regards
  7. Thanks Jabba, I was thinking along the same lines as yourself, it is only a matter of time to find out if and when they do contact her. In the meantime, I thought it may be an idea just to send the two weeks payment back to the company whom she did the work for, then she wouldn't have earned anything. In the meantime, the Crisis team said it will take a week for the meds to start to work properly. What a pickle over a small amount of money!
  8. Going Forward, What a heart rending story. I am so sad for you at this time. Please keep us updated as to your progress. There is some real good advice coming from this site and it is good to know that you have friends whom you have never even met have empathy for you, myself included. I and others are really with you here on this traumatic occasion. It seems from your post that you have a good Doctor on your side. That is key to your getting you life back. I hope you keep us all posted as to your situation. Try you best to be with people whom will be encouraging to you and avoid those whom will not, that way, you will be able to cope better -believe me it will definitely help you. Warm and sincere regards to you my friend.
  9. I can't believe that any court in the land could uphold the DWP's case that your ex is still living with you just on the basis that he has mail still going to your address. To me, this would indicate that they either 1) Not disclosing to you any other evidence that they may have, and therefore should go in your favour in any Court appearance. Neither do I think that any Judge would be too happy with them if they presented different evidence that they could have given you the opportunity of rebuttal or admission to. Or 2) They have no other other evidence.
  10. The money was earned in approx two weeks and she didn't declare it. It was paid into her account. On the positive side, her G.P. has visited and contacted the Mental health crisis team whom came out to visit her. They wanted to take her into hospital for a little while to stabilise her, but she can't and won't leave the two children. She is now on medication which is a good thing as it hopefully will help her to rationalise a little better. If she could put the money she earned in an envelope and post it back to the company she did the work for, then she wouldn't have earned anything at all. I don't know how that would stand.
  11. Rules me out then I suppose. At least I can come here as a visitor. I know that it would take a lot more experience of legal matters etc than I have at present, as I have read some of the great advice and links from the site team and I wondered where they get all of their knowledge from. I know at the CAB you can volunteer and get trained whilst sitting in on individual cases and learning some stuff that way, but when you are not fit enough to go out a lot of the time, that makes it more difficult. All in all, I think this is a great site and would recommend it to anyone.
  12. Hi WW. I hope you get a good response from someone in the know here. I don't like to volunteer names of individual whom I have seen to have a wealth of experience, they are definitely here, but maybe not today. If you browse the lists you will surely find some names whom you could send a message to, just in case they've not read your post. Remember that once you've said something to the authorites, you can't take it back, and as it's been years now, if it were me, I wait until I got one of the experts opinions before making your decision. That is only my point of view, but I do feel for you at this time, but don't get too stressed as I'm sure one of the experts will come along with some better advice than I have. Best Wishes WW.
  13. Hi to all whom responded to thread, the overpayment we found last night amounts to less than £400 and tax was deducted at source. She has agreed to allow G.P. visit but will not get out of bed. We're just glad she will allow doc to come out as I think she needs hospital care at present. Thanks to all.
  14. Thanks Jabba and others, I have been to see her this morning and she will not eat nor get out of bed. I have told her that as she has withdrawn claims for all benefits, she should not be investigated anyway. I reasoned on the point that it is more likely if she was making a claim. Don't know if this is correct, but I had to say something. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear, what more can one do?
  15. To be a member of the site team, can anyone tell me what training and advance knowledge one must have please. I would find it a great privelige to be able to be onboard and in a position to be able to assist.
  16. Thanks everyone for replies Yes, she did some work and did not declare and it was put into her account. She is so distressed that this is out of my realms of helping her. All I can do is offer some words of optimism. I fear that if I am too over optimistic, I may end up blaming myself a little and too under optimstic, may be that step too far. Does anyone know of any time periods that she can feel more safe. I can only relay what I think to her, but I will visit her with my wife later as she certainly shouldn't be left alone for long alone. She needs a little help keeping an eye on the kids while she is laying in bed. So sad.
  17. She went and changed from being virtually unable to walk, to going into full time employment. Albeit she will be working from home, but is now too distressed to do anything. She actually started before asking their permission. She is in such a state that it is impossible for me to reason with her. She has been throwing away older clothes and paperwork all day and I am absolutely certain she is planning what she has said and I know she is serious. I dread. I am at a loss as to what I can do, except to reassure her that no news is good news, but that isn't wearing very well with her. I will ring her tomorrow to see how she is but I haven't got a magic wand figuratively speaking, but wish I did. If it wasn't for her children, she would have done something by now, at least they are a saviour until or if that dreaded letter arrives. I would just like to be able to reassure her without being unrealistic that she has nothing to worry about. From what I have read on the forums it can take months for them to conduct their covert inquires, but I'm unsure about whether this is correct. She had made some money from clothes making and did not declare it and had paid into her bank by the company she made them for. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  18. The death certificate will have the date of her death. I don't know how much overpayment they have may have made, but if it's not a very large amount, then possibly you could explain that this was an oversight and just pay them back without anyone else knowing. That is just a thought, so please don't act on my thoughts as I am not knowledgeable in this area, but there will likely be some kindhearted and knowledgeable members online sometime soon I hope. They will be in a position to give you better and more qaulified advice than myself, but in the meantime, I'd sit tight until you decide exactly is the best option for you and don't act in haste. Best Regards
  19. I would think that as you are the joint account holder, you would be able to ask at the Building Society the name of the company that is paying in the money to the account. From here, I'm not sure of what to do, except as I mentioned earlier, await one of the more knowledgeable guru's on this great site and I'm sure someone will be able to advise you of a way of going about things without putting your foot in it. I sincerely hope so and wish you a very peaceful nights sleep, in fact, many many peaceful nights sleep. Best wishes and I'll keep my eye out for the better educated than I to see what there advice is
  20. Hi Worry, I am no expert in these matters, but one thing I would advise you at this point is to say nothing to the powers that be until you have had some good advice from the experts that are members of the forum. There are some really nice people here, so sit tight and await their informed guidance. Remember, once you've said something you can't 'unsay' it. I am so sorry for your plight at this time and I sincerely hope that your health picks up. Best Wishes and my thoughts are with at this time, but try not to worry too much as if you did not go to probate at all and did nothing, I guess (and only guess) that your mothers' Building Society account will just sit there forever.............then the CamClegg alliance can use it when the time comes. But that is just a guess. Keep well and keep checking this board for the experts.
  21. Hi, just as a p.s. to my original post. This lady has been putting all of her affairs in order in the last couple of weeks. Ie. she has sorted a will (even though she doesn't have a penny) and has mentioned that she would not like to die at home. I shudder to myself when speaking with her, I feel I need to come here first for some advice before I can even think of what else to do. I know for a certainty that she will harm herself, all the signs are there, even the one where she has said that she will not be alive to have her name spread in the papers etc. Talk about sorry.......................... She does not know that I am going to post her problem here, but for my peace of mind, I've got to ask the guru's here for info of how long it takes to get her details together to call her in. If as she thinks, they will. I am unsure as I have never been on her side of the fence.
  22. Hi, can anyone advise me how long it takes to get a letter from DWP for a IUC letter. One of my friends is expecting one and is suicidal at present and I mean literally. I am trying to encourage her as best as poss, but I wonder what more I can do to help and have come here asking for any advice that could literally save her life - I have considered contacted a Mental health team as she is getting worse each day. I personally think that she is too paranoid but cannot control or console in any way whatsoever. She had been living with a partner and changed benefits etc very quickly and feels that she everything wrong and should have not been claiming for some 12 months and is desperately ill over this situation. Her last contact with the DWP was 2 weeks ago and apparrently from what I've read on here, it can be months before they get their case together. She is desperate and has 2 children to look after, which she is doing to the best of her ability. (she doesn't know that it can take months to get a letter if she is going to get one) I have not told her as I am quite certain that she will seriously harm herself. I feel so sorry for her. I tell her that it will be ok as she hasn't heard anything from them. I had to actually lie to her to prevent her harming herself. Does anyone know of any time limits when she can actually breathe a sigh of relief? I can only encourage her so much as she is literally on the edge. I don't know what to do that can help. I would appreciate any positive comments and advice. Thank you all in advance. Best
  23. Hello, can anyone give me some advice regarding the 'Return to Work Credit Self Employed Application. On submisssion of a Business plan being completed, it is sent off to Lancaster for approval. The form states that after ten weeks of trading, then after twenty six weeks of trading the one receiving the £40 per week grant then has to produce evidence of trading eg copies of accounts etc. Does anyone know if these have to be submitted to the DWP or are they submitted to the company whom helps you put the business plan together? Business Link have contacts that they use in order to help claimants put their business plan together, and it is on the approval of the business coach that the plan is submitted. I am aware that initially the Business Plan has to go to Lancaster to be approved but after that I don't know whom acknowledges what. I'd be most grateful if anyone can answer this for me please.
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