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  1. When I first spotted the leak he said he'd asked his mechanic to bleed the clutch so it was probably just the bleeding nipple that was leaking. But after having the car for 12 days it was still leaking when I went to collect the allegedly fixed car today. When I left the vehicle with him today he said he'd get it sorted but I've had enough... I contacted First Reponse, they have logged the complaint, I have told them I want to reject the car and they have said that they will now investigate further but they have to give the dealer a chance to rectify the issue... what have i just given him? Su
  2. Is it up to the finance company to write to the dealer rejecting the car on my behalf seeing as its a hire purchase agreement? Thanks
  3. Yes... do I still have the same rights? I have spoken to the finance company and told them that after going to pick the vehicle up today after being told all problems had been rectified I found that there was still a clutch fluid leak. I told them that I wanted to reject the vehicle as I had lost confidence in the car and the dealer. They have said they will need to approach the dealer and ask for there money back but said that he should be given the chance to fix the problems... haven't I just done that? Thanks for your help
  4. Hi all, I do have a bad credit history so I needed to find a company that would deal with me and First Response have been very good. They put me in touch with a dealer whos stock fitted my criteria, I found a car, test drove it (all good) and the deal was done. When I collected the car there was a problem starting it, it turned over for too long before firing, anyway I told him I wasn't happy with it but he said give it a blast on the motorway and if its still the same bring it back and we'll sort it, so I took it away and when I got it home noticed that there was a clutch fluid leak and
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