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  1. Thanks HB! SarEl...the European Social Fund was to do with the agency that we had to go through to see if we could get an interview with the 'company'.....the agency would not recognise the part they played in this and all I got from them was emails stating "We are sorry your employment didn't work out".... I informed them that I was in communication with the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EASI) and they responded with that they were not an employment agency but an introduction/training agency....and didn't come under those policies and procedures... Seems they were w
  2. Hi, I thought I would write a little update on the fake company/employment tribunal....it was postponed from the August date till the end of October....myself and 8 others attended the hearing...sadly one of our group passed away 2 weeks before the 2nd ET date....I was spokesperson for the collective and we had a reporter from our local newspaper attend too.... It was quite scary as the judge was around 15 feet away and was sat up on a plinth...he proceeded to talk about the company and how it didn't appear to be an entity that actually existed so we could not sue something that didn't
  3. Hello, You may want to get in touch with Nacro as they give free information & advice concerning CRB checks and what your rights are if you become suspended or dismissed from employment due to what the CRB check brings up...... I wish you all the best
  4. Hi, Nacro offer free advice about CRB's and un/spent convictions. It may be worth emailing or phoning their helpline.
  5. Hi The Sherinator, Have you tried calling the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate to see if they can advise you further on this matter? Good luck.....
  6. Thanks Cosmic Angel Will keep you updated .....ET is 4 weeks today!
  7. It's something we are considering...employment is a very hot topic at the moment because of the economic climate and if there is someone going around, posing as an employer, there must be someone willing to investigate what this man is doing and at least more people will know not to accept any of his job offers...
  8. You'd think there would be some law or legality to prevent this happening...it has been reported to the police but G hasn't (yet) overstepped that line...if he had taken just 1 penny from us, it would have been looked upon as criminal...his motives are unclear...plenty of theories mind you! Dj...when all this was happening, we did think there was something going on with g and the agency....we did think the agency rep and g were in cahoots for the reason you stated.... I agree with you on not seeing how G benefits from taking on employees whilst not having a business....nor by telling
  9. Really sorry that you've found yourself in this situation...I would be really interested in how this new legislation works out for you...I wish you all the best
  10. Hi, Employment agencies come under Employment Agencies Act 1973 and whilst I was quoted the regulations 17, 18 & 20 ( 17 deals with terms issued to hirers, 18 deal with information to be obtained from hirers & 20 deals with "detriment" issues and additional checks that have to be made), I was told by the agency that they are an introduction agency only and the legislation did not cover them as they also did training courses too When I informed EASI ( Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate) of this, they said "Whether or not ******** is an employment agency is a legal question
  11. I have thought about going to observe an ET but not being in work, I haven't the spare funds to make the 45 mile round trip.... I agree with you and think I'll be fine but am very nervous! I rang the ET up today and asked if anyone can come and sit in on the claim and she said yes....even the press I asked and she said yes, anyone....so will be writing to the local press and telling them when it is to see if they want to come along....will give them the story and fingers crossed, they will want to report it.... This whole situation has made me want to work somewhere that gives advi
  12. You've been very helpful & supportive HB ( as have the other posters!)...it kinda helps just to write it down and get others perspectives on it.... I just hope nerves don't get the better of me on that day and I end up call the judge by a different name!:o
  13. Sorry HB, I missed your post about G producing his papers to back up his claim...I am awaiting a callback from the ET to state whether the group has to share with him the evidence we have...if they haven't called by tomorrow, I shall call them.... I am not sure about a meeting before the actual tribunal...it hasn't stated that anywhere on the correspondence?...I did ask if our evidence was to be sent to the judge beforehand and was told no....I do know that our collective case will be held as one case as apart from everyone having their wage slips, P45's & bank statements, all the res
  14. That's a great suggestion HB! I will be contacting the press regarding the ET and this man in question and will see if they want to take it up as a news item. Think that's the only way to expose on a larger extent to what he's doing .....
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