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  1. Hi, I have today filled in a Statutory Declaration for three separate claims of fair evasion. They were taken to court and I was found guilty in my absence and ordered to pay three fees. For each of these however I received none of the information (ie. the original fine and then latterly the court summons) and have now had my Statutory Declaration accepted. I was told this means it'll go back to the prosecuting person. So I'm guessing it'll go back to Northern Rail who claim I tried to dodge their fairs My question is this: 1) Would it be reasonable to contact Northe
  2. I'm pretty simple sometimes with wording thats all I was just asking what exactly the bit in bold ment As for where do we go, yeah I was asking what the procedure to change things would be We were told verbally of this change, and I've just found the new/2009 issue of the staff handbook so saw it written here thats all also are we required to give these tips to the charity box or are we within our rights to just refuse them? Oh and thanks sorry for being slow lol
  3. Hi, I work for a large pub/restaurant in Manchester and have been told that bar staff are unable to accept tips or gratuitiess from our customers. That if one is given we are required to put it into the charity box and if we do not we will be taken through disciplinary procedures as this is theft from the company... is this true? Is there anything we can do as a work force to change this policy in our pub... the company hand book says of tips and gratuities... In some locations we permit employees to accept tips and gratuities. Your Manager will be able to inform you if this is the c
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