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  1. Its a Samsung S8300 I think, tocco ultra. It doesn't ask for pin for factory reset is asks for the password on the phone.
  2. Can't do a factory reset without the password unfortunately. On the phone there is Password, PIN code and PIN2, all of which have been changed before me getting the phone. Problem is because I've had the phone for almost 6 months before needing to use the feature, they don't believe I haven't changed it and forgotten the only PIN number I've used for the last 12 years.
  3. I don't think it's been replaced before, my memory is appaling but think I'd remember that, and I know its going to be hard to prove thats the problem I'm having but I know I haven't changed it. Thanks for advice I'll head back to carphone warehouse tomorrow. Hopefully they'll sort something out before I really lose my head with them.
  4. Hi, I'm just looking for some advice as to whether Orange are holding up their end of a contract. 5 months ago I signed up for a 24 month plan at £25 a month which I'm very happy with. Within the last month, there has become a need for me to use a pin number and passwords on various features of the phone (long story crazy ex partner deleting phone numbers etc.) As i didn't need this feature in the first place, I never tried to set it up. Now that I have tried to set it up, its become obvious that someone has actually had the phone before me as none of the standard Orange or Samsung passwords w
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