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  1. He went on a works do and he was abusive and threatening which is unliek him and he is adamant some one may of spiked his drink as he doesnt remember a thing about it
  2. Hi All my partner has been dismissed from work today and we have been told by a number of people we wont get any benefits as he was dismissed for gross misconduct .we have 2 children and would like to know if this is the case? can we be left with only our child tax credit to live of and no jsa? any help would be appreciated please Thanks
  3. playgirlbunny


    Hi received a reply from hmrc there still staying that my partner has cashed the cheque we have emailed over copies of his statements to proove it was never put in his bank account there saying he could of had another account which he didnt! they say they have no information of where it was cashed but yet they can tell us it has been cashed it just doesnt make sense! we have proven it didntg go in his bank and as we didnt know anything about this money til april of this year we should be able to have it re oissued shouldnt we? please can some one let me know how to dealw ith this please? Many Thanks
  4. playgirlbunny


    I understand about the time scale but in all fairness if we never knew about it in the first place and we havent cashed the cheque then wheree do we go from there? thanks for the quick reply Also who would i put it in writing to as speaking to hmrc is ridiculous there rude obnoxious talk over us and dont want to listen, so ide say it fair that we want to go above them
  5. playgirlbunny


    Hi Can some one please advice me! Basically my partner did a self assessment online in January and received a tax refund and no other payments other than this payment appeared on his online account! Then in April of this year he filed another tax return for 2012/2013. When my partner logged into his online assessment account to check the status of the refund it showed up that in 2005 a cheque totalling £998 had been sent out to him which he has never received and knew nothing about until April this year! When my partner called HMRC they gave us the address of his sisters which was where the cheque was sent to but his sister has never received any post for my partner and would not of been able to cast the cheque anyway as it was supposedly crossed! We have now received a letter from HMRC stating that the cheque was in fact cashed and due to it being almost 8 years ago would not be able to re issue the cheque! We have now called them to ask them where the cheque was cashed but they have said they cant provide that information on the phone1 They also did say that if no copy of the cheque was sent qith the response letter than this is due to them not having the information anymore because of the time scale so how can they say they cheque has been cashed if they have no details of anything?We are owed the money we have never receievd the cash nor the cheque and they wont do anything about it? What can we do? PLEASE HELP! :-x:-x
  6. Hi everyone does anybody know who the ceo of halifax bank is and there telephone number to call them? I did have stephen hesters telephone number but seemed to have lost it plus he has resigned now and am not sure if he even dealt with halifax please please could some one point me in the right direction for the ceo of halifax? Would be very much appreciated many thnaks
  7. Hi all my issue is with an online retailer who i purchased a playhouse from for my son and daughter! the item was delivereed yesterday and my partner has put it all together i have arrived home tonight from a weekend away only to find that the item is completly different to the one i ordered its smaller, has a flower on the window which my son believes now the playhouse is just his sisters and is heart broken as we cant remove the flower! yes this one has a verabder which the one we ordered did not but it is smaller than what we have ordered and completly unacceptable! when i have gone on to their website to check the price of the wrong one i cannot even find this particular model and as my partner did not know this was thewrong item as i,m the one who ordered it , it has now been put together but i do not like but nor am i willing to pull it all apart when it has taken my partner a day and a half to RE PREPARE the garden for this mistaken item and took him a day and a half to put it all together please could anybody tell me where i stand regards to maybe getting a partial refund or even all my money back for the total inconvenience most importantly my child being upset and not wanting to go into the GIRLY playhouse and also the waste of money on flags we have spent i,m absolutly furious and livid Many thanks :mad2::mad2:
  8. hi everyone i jave recently received a bill from british gas stating that i owe them £35. i never paid the bill as i basically just forgot and half of the bill was from before i moved into my new house.Nw they have sent it over to a debt collectors who are now instructing that if i dont pay it they will add court cost and solicitors fees on. I was told a few months ago that a debt under £50 no court would deal with does anyone know if this is true and also if these debt colectorsw are able to add court fees and solicitors cost on? im sure the cant but need to be 100% thanks
  9. dx i dont know if ur replying to me or laalinz? LOL all my letter says is there charges were fair therefore they are not willing to reimburse me with any monies i paid to them for charges. so now they have refused to refund me which i knew they would do what would be the right course of action to take now? IF it would be to take tothem a smalls claim court how do i go about doing this IF not court action what other options do i have? many thanks
  10. i have now sent the catalogues a preliminary letter to which they have replied basically saying they are NOT going to refund me my charges so i sent them a letter befor action . i understand that i will now have to take them to the small claims court but how do i go about doing this? thanks x
  11. i have now sent the catalogues a preliminary letter to which they have replied basically saying they are NOT going to refund me my charges so i sent them a letter before action letter. i understand that i will now have to take them to the small claims court but how do i go about doing this? thanks x
  12. i cant find the right letter to send them, the link you gave me comes up with loads of diferent subjects and i dont know what to send them im useless, they sent me a letter stating they were not going to charge me the £10 fee because it had been over the 40 days in which they had to send me everything so they have wavered the fee.
  13. hi everyone, right, i have received statements for 3 catalogues but am still awaiting statements for the other 2 catalogues i have been waiting for 3 months in total for these statements now and feel they are just pro longing it. i seen something on this site about who i can complain to and what letter to send the companies because they have not complied within the 40 day time limit so could some one please send me the link for the letter i need to complain please. thank you x
  14. all i have done is put the date the amount and that it is an administration charge but i deleted the section that said 8% as i didnt understand what the 8 % was for. i have put all the administration charges at the top then totalled it up then underneath i,ve put all the interest charges but i think the interest charges are for the purchases i made but its worth a try. also they have sent me copies of all statements for 3 catalogues but not for 2 of them all they have sent me is a load of pages with loads of writing on stating my balance minimum payments but not the charges
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