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  1. So, as it stands with respect to me, barclaycard have come back with documents. (citi) have come back with documents for Citi and Egg MBNA have come back with computer screen grabs but failing to provide any numerical data or statements saying that they don't have it anymore. RBS have been awkward and now have thrust me onto some online documentation switch system which has not allowed me to sign up or create an account to view the document that I have been sent. Mrs Sev SAR's will be going off by the end of the week.
  2. Hi all, Following my successfully having written off all of Mrs Sev's debts, I am now on the crusade to reclaim PPi for the both of us. I had the following cards or institutions : Barclaycard - SAR sent - Information received. Abbey CC / MBNA - SAR To be sent Citicard CC - SAR To be sent Egg CC - MINT CC - SAR To be sent and historic loans with barclays and abbey Mrs Sev has a few more to add to the list. My question is this at this point in time, is more to do with which address do I send the SAR to? With th
  3. Thanks dx, i didnt realise that Sar was free now. Thats made the initial contact a lot less costly.
  4. Since Mrs Sev was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies Disease, I managed to get all her debt written off by the various DCA's that had been hounding her since her fortunes turned for the worse. It was a long fight and in the end we got there, thanks to this forum it's community and the infinite patience of the likes of dx100uk. I am in the process of going through old paperwork with a view on trying to recover as much as I can for her to help contribute towards her ongoing care. I have found old paperwork for the following: Barclaycard Visa and Mastercard Co-OP Visa Capital One Vi
  5. So after many months of no contact other than the usual pestering phone calls and automated calls ( of which I had asked them to stop and only communicate in writing- obviously ignored), I received a letter with a Notice of Assignement. Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd (HPH) has sold my account to Hoist Finance UK Holdings 1 Limited (HFUKH1L) They've basically sold my alleged debt to themselves haven't they!
  6. I hadn't realised how long it's been since this thread was updated! It's been since the other side of last year that I've not heard anything after sending the CCA request. Both Barclaycard and RW have remained silent. Barclaycard however did comply with my SAR and sent me a massive file of nearly a ream of history with them. If they (RW) have called and not left a message then they've probably been caught up in the auto ignore of all the telepest phone calls we all get on a daily basis. So I suppose I'm asking where do I go from here? I've not had any reply to the SAR or C
  7. No problem. So date wise it goes like this; Payment arrangement with egg which was maintained right through to barclaycard taking on all egg card business (2012?). Iirc I started the payment arrangement with them around end of 2005 into 2006. At that point a new card number was assigned along with notification that barclaycard were now in charge. I rang barclaycard to discuss arrangement and to see about getting payment details for such. Barclaycard collections said that someone would be in touch in due course as they 'had nothing to do with this at the time' I c
  8. Oh I couldn't agree more. It was actually Mrs S who opted out of the roll as she had issues a long time ago with a previous ex who was not the nicest of people. - but that was a very long time ago. Sorry, I should clarify, we're both on voters, but not on the public register. And no, I don't do running and hiding. The credit rating to be fair is the last of my troubles at the moment. It's been shot for years, and will be until I clear all of my debts, which will not be for years!
  9. Thanks slick123, I may well do that. So today's update is that Robinson Way have just made contact. First letter with notice of assignment and asking me to make contact with usual sabre rattling about arrears etc. The intresting thing is this... The card was taken out back when I still lived at home with parents, so, original account, as the bc account and all others were taken out at that address. Now, this correspondence has been sent to my and mrs sev's address. So they have obviously done a credit search or whatever, as we are not on the roll. My firs
  10. Sorry Slick, I haven't been on the forum for a while. I have subsidence to worry about on top of everything else, and the insurance company is trying to avoid paying out. As if Mrs sev' dimentia and Parkinson's wasn't enough.... but either way that's a thread on its own. I have statements going back to 2002 for all my cards and for my abbey overdraft as was. Update... Sar was sent to Barclay card but as yet no reply, I'll give. It another week and chase. However this morning I get a letter forwarded to me. Barclaycard had sent a copy of the notification letter to an add
  11. Yes I know, you don't have to tell me I know I've missed the boat on recovering anything from anyone now.
  12. Hi Slick, no at the time I didn't. I was concentrating on reclaiming my Abbey National charges back then and sorry to say failed miserably due to my own fault in not getting the court pack ready properly. That kind of put me off back then. I have all my statements from abbey from that era still. More as a reminder on the cost of not doing it right. I have a very different head on my shoulders now.
  13. Yes, the letter mentioned hoist portfolio with robbersways doing the donkey work. Thanks dx100uk, I just want to get as much leg work done and ready for when they come calling. So, SAR TO Barclays and I'll wait for them to get in touch and then cca.
  14. thanks Bazooka Boo, yes the original card was taken out around 2000, and the payments post 2006 were around a few pounds a month.
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