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  1. well...they finally paid!!! From what a little birdy told me, they didnt pay willingly but were pressurised by another party. If you want more details PM me. One important thing, if you are wanting a Detailed Assessment (or any other type of court hearing) always make sure you name the actual human being HCEO as a defendant aswell as the company he/she works for. Reason being that if you only name the company as the defendant, and if the company is Limited Liability then you might have problems getting your money. Also, as WD advised, you can get another High Court Enforcemen
  2. Would one HCE company really charge another HCE over inflated charges? There are only a few HCE companies in England. I imagine they would be quite cliquey. Has anyone else managed to get one HCE company to act against another HCE company? Now that I have this court order, is it possible to get a CCJ against Sherforce and the particular enforcement officer who acted against me? Would Sherforce still be able to provide enforcement services with a CCJ against them? HB
  3. I have legal cover through my home insurance policy. I have spoken with the legal helpline department and they say that they will start looking at recovering the money for me. Presumably they will also add their own costs so Sherforce will end up having to pay the judgement debt plus interest plus solicitors costs (and everyone knows that solicitors costs are ££££££££££££s!!!). HB
  4. so...court order stated that Sherforce should pay me by 30th April...and..nothing. Why am I not surprised?? HB
  5. PT The court order states paragraph 5: Accordingly, the Defendants must pay the Claimant £4208.33 on or before 30 April 2012. paragraph 6: The Claimant is also entitled to interest under the Judgments Act 1838 on £3992.72 calculated from 30 April 2012 (unless already paid in full by then). Before I left the costs office on 16 April, the Sherforce representative did ask me for my bank details. He said they would get the payment to me within 48 hours. I suppose that probably meant within 48 hours of the court order. I can't imagine why Sherforce would dig their heals in any further
  6. Tomtubby, you have helped me immensely by compiling that little list. I will use it when I compose my complaint. With regards to the creditor, I had to take them to the county court in 2010 when they had a second writ of fi fa issued against me. Long story, but the creditor made a false declaration to the court and stated that I had defaulted on payment during the course of the first writ of fi fa (which Sherforce was dealing with). The judge ruled that I would pay them (the creditor) the remainder of what I owe them without interest accruing and without a writ of fi fa in place. It was th
  7. Thank you all for the congratulatory messages . I feel like I've completed a marathon (one of the stragglers that finishes 5 hours after everyone else). PT You're right I do need to make a formal complaint. Please provide those addresses. Thanks. Just one little word of advice for anyone going through anything similar. You must keep full and complete records on each aspect of your case. eg time spent writing letters and who the letters/emails were to, time spent on phone calls and who the calls were made to, number of photocopies made, length of time spent at citizens advice bure
  8. I wish I knew how to change the thread title to "SHERFARCE GOT PWND!!" (if anyone knows then please tell me) a synopsis: Back in summer 2010 I contacted sherforce to provide evidence of their fees that they had charged me. They did not provide the evidence. I recalculated what they were entitled to and wanted the difference back (about £940). They informed me they were applying for a detailed assessment when in actual fact they were applying for a summary assessment. Having read itsonlyme's thread I knew they were trying to dupe me so I quickly applied for a detailed assessme
  9. Apparently an individual can take civil action for fraud. see the links below (and short extracts from this web pages) http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-1692829/Civil-fraud.html the above link states: What's the difference? The name says it all. Criminal fraud is the full monty - people successfully prosecuted by the authorities can end up behind bars. If you are found guilty of civil fraud you might pay a fine, or be ordered to recompense the claimant, but it doesn't mean you end up in the slammer. Why go civil? If a private citizen wants to take a fraud
  10. Hi I would like to take civil action for fraud against a firm of solicitors as I believe they have deliberately attempted to defraud me. Briefly, the solicitors were acting as agents for a creditor. The solicitors then had a CCJ issued against me. They then had a Writ of Fi Fa issued against me. Using this they then instructed a High Court Enforcement Officer to collect the debt. The Writ of Fi Fa then expired but the whole debt had not been repaid by me (as I was paying in instalments). The solicitors then had a second Writ of Fi Fa issued against me based on the lie that I had defa
  11. Thought I would post an update as this matter is still in the process of being "resolved" At an initial Detailed Assessment hearing (held in september) the master issued a court order stating that - I provide a witness statement within 7 days of the hearing - the hceo provides a witness statement as a response along with any evidence they wish to rely on within 28 days -the hceo makes an application for a detailed assessment -a provisional hearing date was scheduled for 21 january 2011 well, I provided my witness statement, but the hceo did not provide their response nor did
  12. I have offered my services as a 'breathing consultant', but i haven't heard back yet, despite having nearly 40 years experience and an impeccable CV of continuous breathing during that time. Ha Ha...well, I wouldnt employee you as a "breathing consultant" because although initially it does look quite impressive that you have managed to breathe continuously for almost 40 years, sometimes there are times when breathing isnt such a good idea (underwater, smokey conditions, etc). So, perhaps you need to make it clearer that you could also teach people how to temporarily suspend breathing if
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