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  1. It's much worse than fingerprints, It's like bubble marks underneath the screen. Their policies state:- If you bring back an item within 48 hours you can exchange the item. I know they don't give refunds.
  2. But why would they need to "TEST" the item, It isn't as described condition wise, It's nothing to do with the working of the phone, I know about this company, I'll take it back to the shop and they will either refuse a refund or try and make me do an exchange or offer a credit note, I've seen their policies.
  3. Because i've been told what they are like in there and didn't want loads of hassle and to be fobbed off so i wanted assurances from Head Office first before taking it back into the shop which i think is fair enough, I emailed them within 24 hours of purchasing it.
  4. I bought a mobile phone from CEX (Complete Entertainment Xchange) 2 and a half weeks ago, It was a Vodafone A Grade which is described as being in as new/mint condition. I had a quick look at the phone instore but it was covered in fingerprints, I bought it but when i got home on wiped the fingerprints off i noticed loads of marks on the screen that look like they are under the screen, It was nowhere near in mint condition. I emailed them the next day and sent several other emails, Most of them were not answered and the ones that were wasn't satisfactory. I decided to send them a letter via recorded delivery and i have only just received a response today via email saying:- "I would like to thank you for your recent letter, and I would like to apologise for the delay in response. We contacted the store in regards to the course of action we will take, and they have stated that if you can return to the store with the item and receipt, they will test the item. Should they be able to confirm what you have stated, they will be able to offer a refund. I apologise again for this issue, and the delay in response, Kindest regards". I'm not happy with that response, Where should i go from here. Thanks.
  5. You can view more details about it here:- http://www.cashgenerator.co.uk/services/spread-the-cost
  6. I bought it from Cash Generator, I only got a receipt and never signed an agreement but the agreement was to pay a 20% desposit which was £60 and then pay £20 per week for 12 weeks.
  7. I paid a 20% deposit for an item 3 days ago and the agreement was to pay £20 a week for 12 weeks. Apparently i can't change my mind and have my deposit refunded, Is this correct?
  8. Today i put a 20% deposit on an Iphone 3G in Cash Generator and the agreement is to pay £20 a week for 12 weeks. I thought the phone was an Iphone 3GS as i was told it was but after looking on the internet i have discovered that it is an Iphone 3G and not a Iphone 3GS as the phone i have bought is a 8GB model and the 3GS is only available in 16GB & 32GB. I know they said the refund is non-refundable but can i get a refund? Thanks.
  9. A few weeks ago i booked a food order from ASDA and they never turned up, I emailed them a few times and they said that no money was taken and that no money would be taken from my account as they failed to deliver the goods, They claimed they had knocked on the door but the order was scheduled for between 12pm-2pm and i waited in all day for them. Yesterday they took the money out of my account and they have made my bank account go into minus as well. I am furious, They should pay the money back and more because it has made my account a right mess. What would be your advice on this? Thanks.
  10. I'd like someone to answer the following question, Am i being harrassed? I do feel it's untenable to stay here but i am sort of trapped
  11. Ok i will be getting onto it straight away, I presume i report the landlord to Environmental Health if it isn't done within 7 days?
  12. Yes, your right, it is very important and i refuse to use the gas again until it has been checked and i hope my landlord will do the right thing and get it sorted but how long do i give them to sort it? I'm just thinking about how i should word my email.
  13. Ok, I don't have close family here and if i was evicted i hope i may be re-housed but i wouldn't bank on it.
  14. I understand that my Landlord wouldn't be able to evict me under section 21? Because as far as aware my deposit was not protected, this is another issue i need sorting out.
  15. That's not good is it that as soon as you ask a difficult question it leads to eviction? The landlord has no requirement to ensure the property retains a certain amount of heat? That's terrible, I have bad asthma and i have kids here sometimes who have heatlh problems too which means they need to be warm all the time as well as myself.
  16. Yeah, I had a couple of kids with my at the time and they were quite shook up about it to be honest and i wasn't impressed. Would it worth making an appointment at the police station? just wondering because they aren't always helpful. The neighbour next door has made a snide remark to me once before in the street saying the walls in these buildings are thin, However, He has a dog next door after being here a year i have never heard it bark or anything and i can never hear any noise from next door so i think it's very unlikely that they could hear any noise from me either.
  17. Ok i will ask for a copy of the original one and why it hasn't been checked within the 12 months as required by law, Why does this usually start the eviction process off?
  18. Right, I decided to start a thread about some other issues i am having with my landlord and my flat. I moved into my property a year ago and i have an assured shorthold tenancy. These are my issues:- 1.I have never been told that my deposit was protected after moving in so i presume it hasn't been protected. 2.I have never been given a Gas Certificate since i have been here. 3.I have issues with the cold in my flat and i made my landlord aware of this last winter, All she done was send her husband round to put some more sealers around the front door and nothing more, It is only August and it's starting to get extremely cold in here and i suffer from health problems such as Asthma. Last winter i had to have my heating on literally all day and night because as soon as it was turned off it went very cold within half an hour and i ended up with a massive gas bill that was almost £1,000 which i am still paying off weekly. Also right now i won't have the heating on because there's no proof that the gas in this flat is actually safe because i haven't got a certficate. My landlord isn't very good at all, she seems very demanding like if there's work being done outside the flat she tries to order me to be out of the property that day until the work is done and she doesn't seem to do much when i complain about something like when i complained about the cold and very little was done.
  19. Thank you for your advice. So you think i am actually being harassed? I didn't think any of this was classed as harassment? I do feel that staying here is now untenable, I had kids scared at 11pm at night but very loud knocking it sounded like someone was trying to get in but the police came in the morning and dropped that note through and i immediately got onto my landlord about it because my landlord expects there to be no bad feeling but how can there be no bad feeling after what has happened recently? The police wouldn't have heard any noise from me when they were knocking on my door as i am not a noisy person. I have asked the council once before about a deposit scheme but they don't seem to offer it. I'm thinking about filling in a council housing application form and handing it in stating that i need to move for several reasons including these false allegations. I have some issues with the landlord as well but i will be doing a separate thread for that.
  20. Well, At the top of my bill it says:- Amount of last bill £68.00 Payment received for your last bill, thank you £155.00 CR Amount owing from last bill £87.00 CR So basically my bill in July 2010 was for some reason £68.00 but as my account was £155.00 in credit after that £68.00 was taken it left me £87.00 in credit. But then this month i receive a bill saying i have to pay them £122.00 and it is now overdue.
  21. I got Sky in May, They billed me twice in July so i queried this, I ended up emailing the chief executive after not receiving any replies from Sky's customer service, The day after i emailed the chief executive two credits were made to my account, One for £146.00 and one for £9.00 which totals £155.00 this put my account £87.00 in credit. My monthly bills were £39.00 but they took 2 months to take Sky Sports off and that only happened after i emailed the chief executive, My bills are now £29.00. Anyway this month instead if being billed £29.00 it says the amount due is £122.00? If i've only had the account 3 months and i was £87.00 in credit how can it suddenly go to me owing them £122.00? I refuse to pay this bill and wondered what people's thoughts are on this? In the meantime i don't want my Sky service restricted while the bill is in dispute? I presume that is an acceptable request?
  22. Regarding the situation about the noise complaint, The Landlord reckons she has settled the matter with the neighbour. However, Last night someone was banging on my door very hard for quite a while, This happened this morning aswell and a note was posted through the door and it was from the Police, It says the neighbour has complained about you playing loud music. Now not only has he made false allegations but he was talking to my Landlord about the situation, I don't even think the Landlord knew that he had gone behind her back aswell and reported me to the Police. As far as i am concerned after all this it makes the relationship between me and the neighbour non existant. I wish i could hand in a months notice and leave but i can't due to not having anywhere else to go and the council won't rehouse me if i leave my current accommodation, The only way they would rehouse me is if the Landlord gives me notice to leave and that isn't going to happen.
  23. Oh another thing, If i fill out a council housing application form should i say that i have been subject to false allegations from my neighbour regarding noise?
  24. This was my reply to the landlord's email which i think is quite reasonable:- Ok that is fair enough, I have never had any complaints made against me and I have lived in private/council/housing association accommodation for the past 10 years or so. I am not the one with the problem though, As I said I don't have a very good opinion of the guy next door because of a couple of things he has done since I moved in here for no reason, I have got the impression from him that for some unknown reason he has got a problem with me or has got it in for me. I don't want to be in the situation where I am thinking if I make the slightest noise he is going to complain again, I just think he has a problem with me and I have thought that for quite a while because of his actions. I already feel very uncomfortable, I had already felt a little uncomfortable before this complaint was made but this has made things a lot worse, If I had parents in the area or If there was another property I could have moved into I would have seriously considered leaving because this whole situation has really unsettled me, The way it has been dealt with and the allegations that have been made have made me feel uneasy. I hope i don't get any hassle from him though, If any problems occur I will report it, As i said i am not going to admit to being noisey when I haven't been, However I am unsure whether this situation will be resolved or settled. Thank you.
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