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  1. ive just been looking back at my thread, and its actually 7/8 years now since i paid anything to that outstanding balance, but its Opus who wrote to me, and the PPI was on with Citi originally, so no point in putting info in Opus's website.
  2. Hello - hope ive posted in right place! ive come to your site a good few years ago and got great advise, but site looks different now. ok here goes - i had a Citi credit card that i tried to reclaim PPI on due to it been put on without me asking & i am, and was when i took it out, self employed. In 2006/7 i got into difficulties ( recession started for me then) and fell behind on cards, defaulted, sorted a repayment plan with Citi, and paid back monthly. tried to get PPI back when i looked into it, they said no, went Ombudsman - they said no.
  3. Hello again Al little update - The F.O came back to me saying that Citi 'cannot remember' who their underwriters were in 1998, and as it is so long ago, they cannot be made to trawl through filed old paperwork to give an answer. The F.O say if I could find anything saying who the underwriters were at that time, then they will continue to try on my behalf, if not, then nothing they can do further, ihave looked through my old statements right back to 1998, but no mention of who it could have been. I get monthly credit file updates from Noodle, and just last month the debt ha
  4. Hello PenaltiesGalore thanks for the reply, and you have not at all overstepped ! i have spoken to both Citi ( when they owed the debt ) and they gave their final response, so i went to F.O, but as the account was opened in 1998, Citi said the F.O could not represent on my behalf, as Citi were not under the F.O rules in 1998 ( started 2001 ) When Opus bought the account i went through the whole thing again, but they stuck by the '' you signed for card protection'' and that was their final say - i responded by '' show me where i signed then'' - nothing back from that. The thing is, i
  5. Hi LeighK even though the thread is old, it is still ongoing ! i have never got the items i asked for from either Citi Cards or Opus, i placed the account in dispute 2 years ago when it moved to Opus, but i still did not get anything but letters saying they had sent everything they need to. I have not sent any payment to them, and at the mo it's stalemate, a s what i owe is a little less than what they owe me in re-payment, so nothing is happening. I tried the underwriters route, but they also say it is nothing to do with them, their reply has been sent back to F.O
  6. Yes - as 'gesture of goodwill' though, not agreeing they did wrong by applying all those charges .. but no matter, it came back, and thats the point isn't it The 'if you could get a lump sum together, your looking at around a grand off the balance' came when i was doing my 2nd payment to D/F, and asking if they had heard back from Creations, as i dispute the balance of the account they have given D/F. So i have never gone further into asking the whys / hows of this, as i have no lump sum to use to pay it off. R
  7. I used the 'calculator' one you gave me in another thread about another re-claim i have/had going on I suspect the discount was spoken about by D/f, as they are aware Creations have not produced the CCA... only a guess though. R
  8. Thanks for replies, ive re-claimed late fees/ over limit fees / £12.00 charges back from Creation earlier this year,and there is no PPI i have spoken on phone when i ring them to make my monthly payments to D/F, so only twice, if they started to ring all the time it would be letter only ..! I know i could have waited as they still have not produced the CCA, but i want to start getting it paid as quick as poss, as now there is no interest & charges being added all the time will keep an update going though thanks again
  9. yes i want it paid off, im paying the amount i said i could, the interest is frozen, when i spoke to D/F a couple of days ago the guy im dealing with said if i could get a lump sum together, they would most likely be able to knock about £1000 off bal, i told him i did not have any savings to do that, and would be paying it all back. i hope as you say, they will not push down the court / ccj / charging order route, i want to get all my debts paid off, this time 3 years ago i owed about 8k more than now, due to claim backs of ppi, and hard solid work of pay
  10. quick update - no cca from oc, D/F say they are also waiting on info from o/c about the complaints i raised to them over non compliance of cca and i have different balance owed than o.c , i have made 2 payment to D/F as i want to pay this debt off, and show willing. R
  11. so even though drydenfairfax are now dealing with this on Adams/creations behalf, your advise is to pay the oc if and when the CCA is produced ?
  12. I have sent a failure to comply to both Adams/Creations and reported them OFT, and i did stop payments TO Adams/Creations. They have passed my account to Drydensfairfax to collect on their behalf. I have made d/f aware on situation My original post is for when they produce the CCA As it is not that old a account, and im sure they will produce it. I want to get ahead of the game. R
  13. Yes it is on my credit file, it is a debt from a Adams store card. In 2008-09 when things started to go pear shaped, all my other creditors accepted reduced payment plans and froze interest (or their in house dca did ) but Creation Finance would not, they also would not put me to the in house dca, but continued making payment plans with i could not stick to. I wrote dozens of letters to them,( as the interest they continued to charge me, nearly wiped out the £50/60 per month i was paying ), asking them to freeze the interest, but they would not. I wrote to re-claim the
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