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  1. Not sure if I am in the correct forum as this is not an issue or a complaint but I trying to find an answer. How can you tell when you pay a company it has gone to the correct destination using Natwest online banking. I know I could ring them up to confirm but is there any information I can go on that is displayed in my transaction logs? Got kind of freaked out when I heard on the radio the bank does not take into consideration the person/company name but just the account and sort code. I am pritty sure they are correct but it's just the back of my mind.
  2. Excellent PDFs thanks for that. It clears up a lot of things and I was looking for something like this for ages. This brings me to another question. The management’s argument with installing them in the toilets is because of criminal damage they have found and it left in a state. That if they wish I don't have problem with as you can go to the toilets hidden away from the darn things but there is a lack of signage around stating they are cameras there. There is only ONE notice at the front gate where as theware house workers see. Could be another where the admin staff enter I don't know but there does seem to be a lack of notifications in this building. Is this an issue I can possible raise?
  3. I don't know for sure if this is going to happen I just over heard a dept team leader mention while some one joked and asked why there is a 47" flatscreen tv in the office where we work. His answer is that it's going to be used to monitor workers. Again he could of been joking but what are my rightsaccording to this? I know cameras can be used to monitor people by the management(even the toilets) but surely granting access to this information to every one who walk pass the office to get the next bit of work or just going through? Anyone know if this is legal?
  4. Not received my award notice yet but seen a big chunk of money of which theTC office owes me in the bank today so hopefully it has now been resolved. After complaints I made and letters from the tax office saying I owe over£2000 and then confirming with the tax credits advisors that I do not and them admitting it was their mistake I don't know why it took this long to sort out. What took the biscuit was a final payment demand describing I had to payback this amount by 6th September. It seemed it was not until I got in contact with DMTC and them checking their system don't know why I was sent in their direction and made a note on end in fact I was indeed owed money to me. From then onwards the tax credits advisors attitude seemed to have changed and seemed to be in my favour. Strange. I can say now that I am pleased I took notes of my phone calls and sent my information in a nice reply with the overpayment form. A page long lol. I do have a question that this experience has brought up is now that as this was going on my claim was stopped and I am thinking when I do finally stop claiming for tax credits I am right in thinking I don't pay any of this back? this has got me a bit worried.
  5. I can't help you will any solutions but I can join you and wish you the best to get this resolved. Currently my WTC is messed up. They have been sending me letters saying I owe money and with the following calls to the WTC help line they have opening admitted that one of their colleagues has messed up and my tax credits should of never been stopped and letters should of never been sent. Yet I sill am receiving these letters and the only answer I get back from them ist hat those processes are automatic. All has been fine over the last year a bit and only because I have been a goodie two shoes and informed them of my change of my employer and the silly advisor cocked it up. I asked them if it's a simple matter why they can’t correct it. The answer they gave it has been sent to referrals and they have to deal with it. Can you get in contact with them no, can I get a date which this can be resolved no.The only date I can get from them is to phone back in a weeks time and the advisors think it could be resolved by then. Yeah right.
  6. They put the emphasis on me to update them with my details which was a change of employer and they cocked that up too. Once I informed them of that I now owe them money a error on their part which they admitted butt hey fail to correct it. A simple thing and they make a mess of it. I know how the OP feels like in terms of cock ups.
  7. Ok phoned tax credits end of last week and now they admit it was a cock up by one of their colleagues but it's still not rectified. Does anyone know a way I can get this resolved some time soon?
  8. Now I have a letter saying I owe over £2000 for last year. How can this be I even earned less then I stated by £1k give or take a few hundred? I provided the correct information and they produced the results. All because I've changed my employement details I get this aggro. I've been nice and honest and I am rewarded with this rubbish.
  9. This all started because I needed to inform HMRC my change of employment. I received a letter to say that my tax credits are to be stopped and I owed HMRC money of around £160. I phoned HMRC and they said to disregard the letter as it was a mistake and can't work out why I was sent it in the first place. It was also confirmed that my renewable pack had gone through and I am still due to receive tax credits but they can't do anything as my details were sent to the head office due to this error and in the mean time they can't contiune my claim. Has anyone had a simular issue or had their tax credits stopped no fault of thier own? or does anyone know how long I have to get this cock up sorted?
  10. I've read your thoughts and it does make some sense. I don't have the qualification now in my hand and I know the company had in the past not release it on request directly with them BUT I had a chat with the trainer while I was being trained and according to him they can't do that. Anyways I can ring the training company up and request the qualification and for a admin free of £20-£30 I can obtain it. I am still a warehouse op and they wish to have me more or less use a fork lift all the time picking computer equipment within the racking I would not consider it occasional by any means. Looks like I have to wait out until a contract arrives if it ever does.
  11. Currently I have been employed as a temp worker and have been working for the same company for just over 1.5 years. This situation started about a month ago having an informal chat with the supervisor about needing to be taken on full time and I need to do folk truck training as I like to help out more and need the extra money for commuting into work etc. Currently I am doing 80 miles a day and I really need something extra to help me along. He said ok and that should come with my full time contract I should get a pay rise and I asked him at the same time will agency pay me more in the mean time. He had is doubts as I am originally employed as normal warehouse op which gets a lower rate. My folk lift training has been and gone and I passed it yay! Anyways still not taken on full time and in the mean time I've asked the agency am I due to have a pay rise now to match everyone else who has been employed as a folk lift driver. They have no problems with that but they need authorisation with the company first as it was in house training. I have no disagreements with that until now as the ball is in the court of the company and now the supervisor informs me is it fair to askfor a pay rise as they have provided the training. I can't see that is fair inmy view because the major reason why I would do this course is to have extra money. It’s the company’s prerogative to train me. They could of waiting until Iwas full time. Also another reason he stated is that they have to pay more to the agency if I do get a rise but don't they pay double at least anyway for not taking me on full time. I knew this was going to happen and it just seems to me they are just getting my services on the cheap. Also as a folk lift driver there is an added responsibility of not damaging goods. I can be handling goods worth tens of thousands of pounds and shouldn’t my pay reflect this or given equal treatment with my fellow co-workers who work for the same agency?
  12. I thought now they can't sake you on the "spot" so to speak. They have to go through the agency first and then you get the sack.
  13. Well this may not be the case. With the agency I am with now they have walked around this by stipulating that after 12 weeks from Oct 1st 2011 I am on the same terms has a full time employee where by they have to work a year on aprobationary rate and then after that I then I go on a higher one. Load of rubbish. Of course the agency is not budging. I show them thedirect.gov page, ACAS page etc etc. Still the same old. I even been employed more than a year with them but it seemed to reset once it went pass Oct 1st. I just need to find another job. Had enough. The client does not seem to want to take me on anyway where others have and I have saved the companies skin by finding other member's of staff mistakes etc. Enough off this it's going off topic lol
  14. Check your contract with ManPower. A different agency have the same policy about 2 weeks notice needed but on their contract which I agreed to and they provided it only it reads I only have to give notice to the same length on the holiday required. So far I will give 2 weeks notice but when I need holiday sorter notice I'll be throwing their contract back in their face if they give me aggro.
  15. ok that's a shame. I was thinking about to throwing it on a fire and having great joy in doing so but what has been said I should keep hold of it for a bit longer thanks for the advice
  16. To destroy or not to destroy: Is there any reason why I should keep hold of old job centre documentationnow that I have not needed to claim any support since October 2010? If were to gounemployed again would there be a need to go back to any history?
  17. I know some what how you feel. My agency is dodging the 12 week with the same hirer period too. Ok not forcing me to go self employed but saying that the time I have been with them resets for another year before I get any pay rate increase. I have been through the ACAS check list to see any of the reasons why I should not be given equal pay as a full time employee at my level and none of them apply. I even showed the direct.gov web site but they blatantly reject this law change and say that payroll will produce a letter explaining why this not the case. I can't wait to see this to be honest. I know the full timers are being paid more as I have ask what the rates they are been played directly. Ok I need something written down which will be my next task to obtain. Even in their contact which I have a copy of it all talks about the 12 week qualifying period. Nothing what so ever about have to wait a year for any pay rise and putting salt in the wound I have already been there for a year and have received no pay increasew hat so ever.
  18. Going from the beginning Ireceived a payslip on the 12th/13th week after the law changes take into effectwith a new high rate of income. I thought great they have acted. Got calledinto the office where I meet the agency employee's and been asked I had to payback a overpayment. These employees’could not confirm my rate of pay so Ithought I phoned the accounts department and they could not confirm it too. SoI ended up contacting the recruitment consultant who I applied through and sheconfirms my rate had not changed. I then talked about the regulation changes 12weeks from October and she then says they don't change it now but it is in ayear’s time through the payroll at the agency. I tried to dispute that but shesounded adamant about it. Can they implement this change when they desire? The problemis she did not even mention I might be paid the same amount or even said shewould look into it. Just a straight denial or am I barking up the wrong treehere? Looked through loads of information about different agency workers thereare. Some are covered with these changed and some are not. What I do know isthat I am employed by the Agency, have a contract, a company recruits the agencyworkers and the agency provides payslips with the income tax and NI deductionsshowing. Any adviceor information about these changes would be appreciated as I am a bit stuck.
  19. Not good. Thanks for the heads up. Need to send mine in for a photo renew. It's defo going special and I'll be keeping a good eye on it.
  20. Thanks for the reply. I guested this could be the case and I am hoping all is reasonable. Thanks again for the good wishes
  21. No problems as of yet but what rights do I have as a temp worker attending to my mum who has been admitted to hospital due to epilepsy attacks and finding she also has a bladder infection? Not worried about pay but worried if this has to carry on over a week maybe more. I am keeping contact with my temp agency every day.
  22. Yep it just got renewed and amended just now. I think this is the relevantparagraph 6 Remuneration: "The employment Business shall pay the AgencyWorker the Actual Rate of Pay unless and until the Agency worker completes theQualifying Period. The Actual Rate of Pay will be notified on a per Assignmentand as set out in the relevant Assignment details form." Does this "ActualRate of Pay" mean the rate that the full time works at the same level Ishould be paid the same amount? The assignment form as not been updated no newcopies there.
  23. Continuing on from my last post I have since found out that a temp workingfor a different job agency is getting more than a pound an hour more come the12 weeks when it comes into affect. This worker as I understand it does nothave a falk lifts licence where those who do are on a more premium rate of pay. His a worker on the same level as I am and does the same jobs as I do. The only difference is that he is on a different shift pattern. He works the same hours and times. Phoned up my agency and I get the same updates. Saying when they have more information they will contact me and be reviewed in December. This person fromanother agency has now had it confirmed his rate of pay will change. Come the 12th week in December. I have been working for the same company with the agency for over a year and had no longer than a week off back in April before you ask. I am going to leave them until the 12th week in December but where do I stand then this date passes to incress my rate of pay. Can I push them with any degree? Or is you are temp if you don’t like it tough?
  24. Currently I am working for a temp for a agency and currerntly I am not bepaid at the same rate as full time workers at my level. I thought since thestart of October this year http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/Understandingyourworkstatus/Agencyworkersandemploymentagencies/DG_198917I supposed to be entitled to the same basic pay. I have mentioned to them on two occasions the regulation change and stillnothing has changed. I've checked with one of my work colleagues who has beentaken on full time (the same day I started as a temp) at the same level and therate of pay is not much more but it's the principle of the matter. This couldgo towards of the cost to commute work for example. At this point in time I just get brushed off and they just say you been over a year working with us we are sorting something out. Taking over a month sort this and still counting. Anyone have any ideas how I can follow this up?
  25. I filled out my form and sent it through the post ASAP. Went from an estimate to what I did infact earned for the tax year 10-11.
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