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  1. Hi everyone. As a working TV engineer of 20 years I would like to offer a few tips. You do not need all the capacitors replacing. Any further issues after this repair has been done is almost always due to eeprom corruption. Straight forward to fix and not too expensive for your local engineer to fix. I charge around £50 for the repair if caps and eeprom need changing. I also write a large quantity of engineers reports for Currys/Comet/Dixons/Argos customers where their item has failed within 5 years. Always ring the customer help desk or go in to the shop. Be polite BUT firm, you may well be asked to obtain an engineers report. My local Currys actually send customers to me to write an engineers report for them. This costs £80 and is usually fully refunded by the shop concerned! Be firm with them and you will get a result. I have never had any trouble with any of the firms after the customer has presented the engineers report. I would also like to say that if anyone on this forum needs advice regarding audio/visual equipment then they are more than welcome to ask on my forum. Do a Google search for Television Magazine Forum and I will do my best to advise you.
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