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  1. Thanks guys! I'll try that. They are really horrible! making me have sleepless nights!!
  2. Hi guys! sorry bout not following rules! i'm just so scared! They are for bank overdrafts. The total amount is under £3500! Most of the Stantander is bank charges both were only £500 overdrafts..... The HSBC is £535 ish its the Santander thats is the killer! the debts are bout a year old on both.
  3. Hi guys I have been readin on this site for a little while now but i am still cluless on what to do! I owe money to Santander and HSBC. They have 'passed' this on to Moorecroft Group. I thought HSBC was Metropolitain and I called them and they (metro) said they had 'sold' my debt to Moorecroft!! Now I have just come off the phone to Moorecroft say I have just started a job again and I dont get paid untill the 27th July and I can start to makes some payments then to clear this debt. They said it isnt good enough they wont acceopt this as I have to pay the full amount now on each accounts or pay £13.59 - so I replied what part of I have no money right now because I have just started work again do you not understand? I am offering what I can and saying when I can start paying. they said I will be getting a letter about court as from monday. I have had a few heated disscussions in the last month and to be honest they are rude and one guy shouted at me down the phone about 3 weeks ago saying why arent I on the the doll so I can pay my debt! Please help me I dunno what to do I'm 22 and im scared and I have offered what I can do but they wont listen.
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