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  1. Thanks again - i will spk to council on mon as i cant understand where all the letters have gone either - if its been sent?????
  2. Thank you for that - I guess I need to contact the TEC and provide a witness statement as I was unaware of either pcn and certainly have not received any further letters. I am also worried about the implications of having these registered against me???????
  3. i am registered owner of the vehicle. Bailiffs apparenty entered my home yesterday with a letter entitled removal of goods in relation to a purported warrant issued by Northampton CC in respect of 2 outstanding parking fines. Partner allowed him in due to intimidation and paid one of the amounts in excess of £250. I am confused as 1) I know nothing about either parking fine and 2)albeit my partner appears to be aware of one of the fines which he put in letter of appeal in respect of, the other fine which he paid bailiff he knew nothing about either. I have no idea what documents I
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