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  1. Bought a new cooker today, from Currys PC World. Cost me £900. I paid by mastercard and the appliance is arriving tomorrow. However, I have just seen the same gas stove £50 cheaper on line. Where do I stand on cancelling the purchase, getting a refund so i can buy the cheaper one on line. Even when I pay the £9.99 next day delivery, its still £40 cheaper. Any help and advice with this will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. TudorBlue


    I bought a car off my sister inlaw 2 years ago, last week, I had a crash in it and it was written off. When I got in touch with my insurance company, they informed me that the hpi check wasn't clear and that there was a "marker" on it, meaning that a finance company has got an interest in the car. They could not release the cheque until the "marker" has been removed. They said that if there is any finance left on the car, that they will have to pay the finance company and take it off my payout. When I bought the car off my sister inlaw, she paid the outstanding balance off, I have the letter o
  3. TudorBlue

    Paypal/ Ebay

    Hi Guys, I really need some advice. I recently sold an item on ebay, it was an iphone 3gs. The iphoine was a US version locked to at&t (I live in the UK). The buyer has now emailed me telling me they dont want it. I have emailed back telling her all sales are final and that I will not issue a refund. She has now threatened to go through paypal. The buyer knew what she was buying and knew the terms. Can paypal taek the money off my credit card or out of my bank without my consent?? Thanks in advance guys
  4. Has anyone who received a letter from ACS LAW regarding illegal file sharing received any further letters? I ask because I have sent ACS LAW a letter denying anyt wrong doing but have yet to receive a further reply.
  5. This is the 2nd item that I have purchased from the US but is identical to the first and yet I did get charged anything the first time. Why have I been charged this time around
  6. I recently bouight an iphone from the USA and have had to pay £52 in vat before I could claim it. Is there any way of getting around paying this charge, if I were to make another purchse from the US?? Thanks in advance guys
  7. DONE and thanks for the info. Never thought of it like that. Please, can anyone who has quoted my posts, please delete the quotes. Thanks
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