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  1. Hi all, I have a general query but first a little background. I banked with HSBC bank from 2002 to march 2011. finances were very tight and Towards the end of my time with HSBC roughly 2009 I went overdrawn and incurred a charge, not having enough available funds to cover this charge meant the following month I incurred another charged, This escalated and ended up with me having paid HSBC bank over £3000 in charges in little over a year. in March 2011 I decided enough was enough as I was now over £1000 overdrawn (made up of charges), I asked that they c
  2. hi greven, im still in the throngs of it all. i have been escillated twice and have now not had a reply in over two weeks even though i have prompted every three days
  3. Hi all, a quick little background. I was sitting in the living room watching TV whilst one of the little ones mindlessly played with my playstation controller which they have brought downstairs. Little did i know that by repeatedly pressing X on the controller can result in a purchase being made. press it once and you turn the machine on, press it again and you log in, press it again and you log into the store, and a couple more presses and you buy what ever is on the first page. So we are talking about digital content (a movie) that has not been viewed on a playstation 3. the following in rev
  4. That really is very shocking, i have had problems with nuisence texts in the past. Its just this one made me really angry because of the time, i will see what response they give me to my email and then write to them if they dont say sorry.
  5. Thought i would share this complaint that i just made to T-Mobile: Answers for: "Hello. i wish to make a complaint. This morning i received a text message from yourselves at 3:46AM. It was a multimedia message trying to sell me some blackberry phone. The point being is that we have a very young daughter of 5 months who does not sleep through the night, i had finally got her away to sleep at 2:30, i then set my alarm for work for 6:30 am and tried to get a few hours sleep before i had to be awake, but as i said at 3:46 i get a the text (my phone is my alarm and turned up to full volume), i
  6. wow thanks very much for that martin, im sure most everyone here feels they are hitting the heads against brick walls. Its just so fustrating as i was debt free before joining HSBC, luckily enough i opened a new account with Nationwide, found a new job and spent the last year and a half on beans on toast paying off the debts i built up because of them. I am finally comming to a stage where i see an end to the past 6 years of debt (and i know so many people have so much more debt haning over there heads and a really feel for anyone going through it), but it just winds me up that hsbc say they b
  7. Hi all, i have just received another letter from the bank - another standard template. Even though i addressed the last one to the senior manager i still got a reply for service improvement officer., the letter basically went on to yet again 'boast' about winning the test case and that they can only look into charges for the past 6 months. i have written a reply but just wanted to ask if people think i should just go stright to the FSO now My reply
  8. I certainly will keep everyone here posted martin, thanks for the advice. Ill add it to my letter.
  9. O the case was only opened on the 20th jan, i couldnt believe it, i wrote the letter at 10am, posted at 3.30 on the 20th. they wrote back on the 21st and i received the letter this morning. so its only been open 3 days.. i will change my wording to the lending code. thank you for that, i couldnt believe how fast they responded and they even put in there letter "after reviewing your case"..of course it must have been a speedy review. of course if i need to go to the omnidsbudman then the fact they took less than 12 hours to write a response must go in my favour that they havent reviewed
  10. just wondered what people thought of my second letter to my bank? They have already replied to me stating that all there fees/charges where legal (even though i never contested this)
  11. Well, proving the hardship shouldnt be to hard, for the first 8 months of the bank charges i was on job seekers allowence. in all honestly, The bank refused me last year but i am asking them to review it again - i intend to send the case to the omnidsbudman and need to ask the bank again first
  12. Hiya all, someone recently told me that i should try and reclaim my bank charges, these charges basically put my whole life on hold for 3 years, i had 4 young kids and a minimum wage job while trying to hold everything together, anyway this is a list of my charges with amounts and dates.. i have read you can claim that one charge was causing the next one and so on, and this is grounds for trying to reclaim your charges. and sorry about the formatting im not very good on computers, it comes to £3300 in total ovver 3 1/2 years 16-Aug-05 Interest £1.10
  13. I have finally managed to obtain the last 6 months transactions.. some months have 4 charges.. :Z which are: 09/08/2010----FOLLOW 9 2.620% AMOUNT DUE 140.00--Service Charge£11.88 12/07/2010----FOLLOW 9 2.620% AMOUNT DUE 120.00--Service Charge£11.07 12/07/2010----ADMINSTRATION CHARGE--Adjustment£12.00 12/07/2010----ADMINSTRATION CHARGE--Adjustment£12.00 14/06/2010----FOLLOW 8 2.620% AMOUNT DUE 100.00--Service Charge£10.27 14/06/2010----ADMINSTRATION CHARGE--Adjustment£12.00 14/06/2010----ADMINSTRATION CHARGE--Adjustment£12.00 17/05/2010----FOLLOW 7 2.620% AMOUNT DUE 80.00--Service Charge£9
  14. i would recommend trying your local credit union, http://www.abcul.coop/page/index.cfm they are pretty good when it comes to helping people out who genuinly need help. They will listen to your individual circumstances
  15. I recently read about a man who charged british gas his working hourly rate when he had to deal with them chasing him for a debt he didnt owe. cost of time it takes to write a standard letter, time it takes to travel to postbox etc. Wouldnt it be nice to invoice them for your time, that it has taken you to deal with these nuisence letters to the wrong person. given reasonable time for the first "not at this address" to be returned to robinson way, i personally would charge for every other letter returned (hourly rate for travelling to postbox). May only come to pennies or a couple of £
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