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  1. I have a court hearing setup for motor offences. Unfortunately on the date of the hearing I will be on holiday. Can I contact the court and ask for another date or will they hear in my absence (don't really want them to deal with it without me)? Thanks
  2. no default - loans are in my name and i am not taking it legally further i also lied about something directly and was found out. what are your thoughts on being sacked for misconduct?
  3. via a credit check on my name - I denied having the loans as I didn't know I had them.
  4. hello I have recently found out that my wife has taken out 3 pay day loans in my name without my knowledge. She has faked bank statements to cover up but has now admitted that she's been stupid. it's come to light because my employer is asking questions about the loans and I thought it was a fraud. my employer have been investigating this also and taken up considerable time. I need to tell my employer that it was my wife and that I am not pursuing the fraud but is there any way they can charge her with anything legal? I don't want her to get into more trouble. any legal
  5. Thanks for your help - it would be good if you could help with a letter. I'm worried about timing though as they've kind of sprung this on me without wanting to discuss the arrears - gone straight to possession as it were. I'm sure that there is something wrong with the way they are acting. It's very suspicious to me. I would have thought they would be happy to accept a payment and an arrangement to get the thing sorted. Anyway, as you say perhaps a judge will see things more clearly. How long before I should hear about a date - have you got any ideas? thank
  6. I am in arrears by 1600 to my second lender but have no problems with my main mortgage lender. They are a right bunch of crooks and have applied for a warrant of possession which I am waiting to receive. I have offered to pay off in installments along with my monthly payment but have been told that I have to pay at least half before they will consider it. I've completed income and exp and everything with them. They won't let me pay the half now as they are waiting to see when the eviction date will be before telling me what amount I need to pay to get to a level to pay in ins
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