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  1. Hi, Sorry when I said PCN I meant Parking Charge Notice not Penalty Charge Notice. I know if it has the words Fine or Penalty then it is the sort you should pay, I thought maybe I was missing something in relation to Parking Control Services. Sorry for the mix up and I do appreciate the help. Also the "Invoice" says that it will increase to £150 after non-payment within 7 days - surely before it goes to a debt collection agency asking for £200, they would also have to write to me to inform me of their ticket/invoice, as in case the ticket was taken off the car and the owner/driver was una
  2. Thanks, I am going to do some reading, as I did plenty when I first got the charge to find out thankfully it isn't enforceable, but I half knew it anyway from other people saying about them that I know. However, I just thought I'd create a thread to see if anyone had any advice as well, as I've not read anything where people haven't recevied letters from the PPC and gotten a letter straight from the Debt Collectors. Can you provide a link to a similar scenario if there is one like my case and I'll happily read through that one as well. Thing is I dont want to go through the process o
  3. Ok guys and gals, I have a bit of a dilemma. I recevied a PCN on the 9th July and recevied no correspondence from Parking Control Services (PCS), no letters in the post, nothing. The only information I had was the ticket on my car, which is not a 100% guarantee that someone would receive the notice, as some "little kid" could have removed it for a laugh, thus meaning I would not have any idea of this "charge". Plus, I'm not saying I am the driver of the car - who I guess would be the one responsible but I'm right in saying I dont have to disclose this information to PCS anyway? I the
  4. Ok guys, I have a bit of a dilemma. I recevied a PCN on the 9th July and recevied no correspondence from Parking Control Services, no letters in the post, nothing. I then received a letter from CCS Collect Debt Collectors on the 12th Aug but the letter was dated 5th August. The letter stated that I had to make a payment to them in the next 7 days or they threaten me with County Court action as well court costs and legal fees. What should I do? I know the best advice with these has always been to ignore the letters PCS and similar send, but they have put this straight through to a deb
  5. Hi, I just rang PCS on their freephone number - 0800 9705109 - not paying £1.50 a minute! Anyway, I asked if they were a private parking company, she said yes and I said good, that means your parking notices are not legally binding and therefore I'm not paying. She said well we'll see you in court then. I replied good because all the research I've done shows that you've never gone to court or turned up!! She got really mad and then I said, to top it off, I'm calling you on your 0800 number!! She then said Oh so you're calling up to tell us that you won't pay your notice on our 0800 number
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