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  1. i moved addresses ages ago before i defaulted... the last balance on it was only about £180. looks like theyve found me at my new address. what do i do? i write letters to companies, i dont phone them as i hate the way im spoken to and also ive got proof of what ive said.
  2. hi, i really need help! ive been sent a letter by a solicitor saying they are acting on behalf of a finance company - i gather theyre one of the same. anyway they say ive had a ccj and i havent been keeping up with repayments. and now threaten bailiffs and need £250 immediately then payments of £125 a month until the debt is cleared - the total owing is only 315. firstly, i have not had a ccj or any letters from this finance company - i moved addresses so im gathering it was sent there. im on state benefit and cannot pay what they ask for at all! i have other debtors who ive manage
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