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  1. Really Vax? Tell me more please, I didn't know that? Which PPC owner, which Mod? May have been in July when I was on hols as I had missed that but saw you weren't there recently...
  2. Showing your true colours indeed now. All we are waiting for now is the old chestnut about 'how would you like it if someone parked on your drive?' Go on, let's have a laugh..
  3. You are still looking at this as if it was a parking ticket. It is not a parking ticket. Just an analogy for you. If you had received a typical phishing email from 'Prince MBongo of Nigeria' telling you to send him some money last April - and then nothing until hearing from 'Prince MBongo' again today - would you be asking if there was some legal rules that make the 'claim' for your money void, due to the gap between the phishing emails? Nope because you'd know what to do with both emails, delete them of course! Same here with these letters, file them! You should just be playing snap with each letter against this MSE thread: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2214803 Simple.
  4. Did you not realise that the lady from Roxburghe and the lady 'from Graham White' are in the same call Centre?! Graham White is a name used by Roxburghe. And that letter you have there came from Roxburghe Debt Collectors, not from a Solicitors office at all - in spite of the misleading letter-heading. [EDIT] Worry not, this is just like a Nigerian Lottery phishing email. IGNORE IT. You should just be playing snap with these letters by now, seeing as C.A.G. now allow us to have the MSE letter-chain thread that's been a resource for years on other parking forums: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2214803 If you also Google 'Roxburghe phone calls' you will find this discussed every week online on here and on various forums. Your letter has been there all the time, the next letter is there too, so you cn see what to expect next. Just play snap.
  5. No do not even think about contacting them. Just play snap with the letters you get: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2214803 It's nothing to worry about and won;t affect your credit rating or anything. The only letter to take seriously would be real sealed Court papers but that will not happen, just threats.
  6. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2214803 ambushedparkeer you should just be playing snap with the letters by now! If you can't see your latest letter under your PPC then look under others where the same debt collector letters are used.
  7. But these letters are already shown in a sticky thread on here linking to MSE: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2214803 Why worry, just play snap with each letter!
  8. The info you need is all around forums if you look: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3829727 and why not just look at the letter chains and see what to expect next time, it's easier than getting another letter and panicking each time: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2214803 HTH
  9. Never ignore it if yours is a company/hire or lease car. It's just asking for your company (or lease co if it's a company leased car) to just pay it in ignorance and expect you to roll over & take the hit. You must be proactive! Covered recently on this MSE thread (one of LOTS about lease cars and fake PCNs): http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3994019 saves me typing it all out again!
  10. Nope. Not if the signs were obscured. I would not cough up I would appeal based on obscured signs, can you get a photo of them whilst they are like that?
  11. Everyone ignores Highview. They never do Court and they don't issue 'parking fines' only fake ones! No need to await your response, you know what it will say surely? Just compare each letter you get to the letter chain thread link in the sticky thread, currently second from the top of the yellow info threads at the top of this parking forum. PLay snap with said letters. Tell your friends about it and make sure they never pay a Private ParkingCharge notice either. Spread the word!
  12. Thankyou! At last! I gave up with CAG completely a year ago because the admin team would not let me post that MSE link! DBC was not making it up, and he wasn't quoting pm's sent to me either so lots of us were affected by the daft rule for many months. There were several of us whose posts were constantly pruned and deleted and sarcastic replies left each time. Look at my previous posts before this one - they date back to a year ago and here was the last one where I threw in the towel after being told NOT to help people ignore private parking tickets by showing them that link: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?311501-Help-Parking-Ticket!!-Advice-please!&p=3473553#post3473553 Anyway, I may stick around again now I know I can link useful stuff. Can I link to 'pepipoo' or 'just answer' now as well or is that a step too far?
  13. Right I have had enough, I am off back to MSE (Coupon-mad) and pepipoo (SchoolRunMum). Delete my membership please this is daft.
  14. I post what I think is the most useful advice for the newbies. I post on C.A.G., pepipoo and MSE and find that the PPC posters on here are given the short straw, not given enough info. That's why CAG threads about PPCs go on and on, much more than MSE and pepipoo PPC threads, because the posters are just told to ignore but not told what will arrive (specifically). So they come back in a panic (gawd knows how many don't come back at all but just pay up when they get the first unexpected Debt collector letter!). On pepipoo they have the MSE link unashamedly set as a sticky - and both sites have the Watchdog paper aeroplane link. CAG has neither and if we dare to post a link to MSE we have our post edited. There is no evidence that these links frighten people, quite the opposite, they INFORM. The reason CAG never needed such links before would be twofold I think: 1. The links never existed until a couple of years ago (MSE letter chains thread, and Watchdog), and 2. The PPC menace was rarer in those days. Now we have posts on the subject on all 3 forums every single day. So the situation now calls for some instant helpful info here, and it's not just me who thinks so.
  15. It's irrelevant that you were in the car. Why do so many people think they are not 'parked' if they are still in the car? Your car was parked in a loading bay without loading. BTW I'd be willing to bet that the legend on the ground does not say 'loading bay'.
  16. Errrrrm....never! I cannot think of a single case on any forum where I have told someone to pay or to appeal a fake P.C.N. from a PPC. Pointless. Just ignore them. Google 'private parking letters, what to expect' and read the results, see previews of the threatogram letters in pictures. Still ignore them! Not having written a car reg in a log book could happen to any customer of that place. Customer may not realise, new staff member may not realise, reception desk my be busy, reception desk may be temporarily unmanned...all reasons why a car reg number may be omitted from a log book. Also there's the question of the DPA. They are collecting and STORING data so whoever keeps that data should, I think have to provide each person with info as to how the data is stored and for what purposes...could be a DPA breach here which would be good reason for any person not to want to divulge their car details!
  17. What do you mean 'about time too'?! It is NO solution to give PPCs more powers! Keepers cannot possibly be responsible for a breach of contract when they were not there, a County court judge would surely throw out any contract law case based on keeper liability (even if the Freedoms Act or whatever they will call it, says the keeper can be 'pursued'). Schedule 4 of the Bill will never work, let's hope it is pulled asap.
  18. You don't need to type out the wording. All the letters - the whole letter-chains in full from dozens of PPCs - are already shown in pictures on another site but for some reason this forum won't let us link it, nor do they show it as a sticky thread like other forums do. I think that's odd and have said so, because posters like you are not being given the info you need to laugh at each letter. Just Google 'private parking letters, what to expect' to see the letter-chains in full from UKPC, PCS and DRP. They are on another very well-respected forum. Your letters are already shown there, you can see what comes next and which is the last threatogram. HTH
  19. It's the phone calls you need to stop isn't it? Next time they ring, tell 'Graham White' that you KNOW they are not a solicitor but in fact an employee of Roxburghe debt collectors. Tell them that their continued contact is harassment which is a criminal offence. Insist that they cease all contact and pass the file back to the parking company immediately, because any alleged 'debt' is expressly DENIED. If they do not stop writing and ringing you, they will be reported to the authorities for harassment: http://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk/england_wales/factsheet.php?page=03_harassment Read that link to see where to report them to. Take charge of this matter and don't hide from the next phone call, be assertive with them and threaten them with the law.
  20. Complain to Marks (or whichever retailer is on that car park). Write to the top man/woman at M&S, Google it to find the info. Tell them that you are at the end of your tether and thinking of suing them for allowing their agent to harass you . As well as breaching the Proctection from Harassment Act, they have also broken the Equality Act 2010, as you are disabled and entitled to reasonable adjustments when parking your car there to shop. Explain that you have taken some advice already and realise that you could claim compensation - and certainly will not be paying the fake PCN as neither M&S nor their agent has any authority to fine you. But under the circumstances you felt it only fair to officially complain to M&S first, before proceeding with legal action, as it's their car park. Enclose copies of all the threatograms and tell them about the unremitting telephone calls too. Insist that they call off the parking co and debt collector immediately. Do not write the letter as an appeal, do not even mention how you were parked. Just complain about the harassment and breach of the Equality Act (previously the DDA). You are entitled to park without harassment when shopping and do not have to put up with this!
  21. What the hell does it mean? Wow they spooked you didn't they, is a little bit of legalese all it takes, never mind that it's claptrap?! You typed it all out here but you could have just copied & pasted part of that wording into Google, if you had you would have seen how many people have had 'your' letter and laughed at its pathetic drivel: Let me Google that for you Please wait for that auto-search result to load and read everyone else's threads on that standard template letter. Not just on CAG, everywhere, all pointing out that the Rules that Roxburghe quote aren't even applicable in Small Claims! If you also Google the words 'PPC letters, what to expect' the result will show you the letter-chain of Roxburghe/Graham White in full. Look at the letter chains now and work out which letter will come next and calm down. None of the letter-chains posted on that resulting forum thread ended up with the person being taken to Court, having a CCJ or any black mark of any sort on their credit record. Of course not, because Graham White/Roxburghe have never taken anyone to Court for a parking charge notice - and if they ever did they would LOSE! I wish people in the UK would complain more (to the retailer whose car park this is, for allowing a protection racket to take place here) and stop being so scared of 'official-looking' letters. It is only because the British public is so credulous that this so-called 'industry' of private parking companies has taken off.
  22. When you tell them to. You need to tell them that any debt is denied and that their contact must STOP as it is harassment, a criminal offence, and you are going to report it. Oh, and you are not being phoned by a firm of solicitors. You were called by ROXBURGHE. 'Graham White Solicitors' is a name that Roxburghe use - there is no active Solicitor involved here at all. And Roxburghe staff do phone up and pass themselves off as Graham White Solicitors as well, see this link which explains what Roxburghe do, pretending to be 'GW': http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=52809 And check out the Google results for a search of these words: 'PPC letters, what to expect' for a preview of other Final Notice letters they might waste their money on sending to you. Next time they phone and say it's Graham White, reply something like 'oh, I know who you really are, you are a member of Roxburghe staff, it's well-known that you pass yourselves off as 'GW' for Graham White when phoning victims up. Right, let's be clear, the alleged debt is DENIED and your contact is now harassment, I have had enough. I will take legal action against you and report you to the Office of Fair Trading if you do not stop all contact right now. I know that complaints to the OfT are not new to Roxburghe as the OfT is already moving to revoke Roxburghe's consumer credit licence. About time too, I am afraid you are going to have to look for a real job matey!'. Phone down. They should not contact you again as harassment is a criminal offence. Sounds a little harsh but Roxburghe are shocking and really are currently under threat of OFT removal of their licence, their staff should be told!
  23. Why oh why are you still taking this so seriously? You are not in the wrong, you have not been fined. You have nearly been hoodwinked by that company but thanks to this forum you have avoided it. We already know it's a private parking company and of course there are signs up, there always are. Regardless of signage, this is not a legit charge, they are not an authority and cannot fine people. You must always ignore ANY private parking company unless they actually issue Court papers (as rare as hen's teeth cos they either lose or haven't a clue about Court, only threats). Just please do some reading up about this and don't just come back here all surprised when the 'scary threatogram' letter-chain arrives. Look up the letter-chain first so you know what to ignore (Google 'PPC letter-chains, what to expect' and look at the results).
  24. Agree with you both, I will always fight the corner of disabled motorists from personal family experience and would never condone parking in a disabled bay where there is no disability need. And I would always fight a Council P.C.N and appeal all the way, there's always grounds to appeal. And with this case, we DO know for sure that the P.C.N was never served, as long as the OP is telling us the truth about it not being handed to him nor affixed to the car. The P.C.N cannot have been posted to the keeper because of this wording: 'the person appearing to be in charge of the vehicle was served with a penalty charge notice' Those words are talking about serving a P.C.N in person. If that did not happen then the OP has a solid appeal!
  25. Integrity? A private parking company?! PAH!!!!!! spat my tea on the keyboard! You will learn, the letters will come regardless...
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