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  1. Sounds really interesting! I'll check that out. Its only for the internet. My only query is how do I put money on it from the net, if I dont have a card? The circle continues.
  2. Thanks people. I think tommorow I might make a rip to natwest then lloyds. It wont be easy, having to change all my direct debits and my wages etc but ive never liked lloyds. Its so annoying to think I can never buy anything off the net for 10+ years because of a credit file. Its insane.
  3. For about 2 years now, ive been with a debt management company to help clear off my debts. Because of all this I have only a cash account at Lloyds so cant use my card anywhere else except thier cashpoints. I recently phoned Lloyds up to enquire about upgrading and the guy said there should be a reason not to, must go in branch though. So I did. The first lady told me that she cant do it, but if I bring in my credit report she can fax it somewhere (forget where she said) and might get my account upgraded. I got my credit file and went back in, got a different lady but right from the start she said "nothing we can do" "you got debts? Then no". Paying off my debts will currently take 11 years. Do I really have to wait 11 years before I can have a debit card like any normal person? Reason I ask here is because I dont beleive anything banks say. Dont forget, they also say you cant claim back bank charges. Any suggestions? Is it really a case of waiting for 11 years?
  4. Ah I get you. I will play it safe and leave it off. I dont want to overclaim. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Ill omit the interest. Shame, it did add an extra 100.
  6. Thanks. One final issue. On the Introduction to bank charges guide, it states: Do NOT include the 8% interest on the schedule yet - you only include this if you have to go to court. Yet in the template letter it states: I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX . So Im confused as to which to leave in/out.At the moment my letter contains the interest but the charges sheet does not.
  7. Zyrax

    Lost Link

    A week ago I came here and found a very usefull thread. This was a guide with various steps on how to claim for unlawful charges. It had quite a few steps and it was very usefull is me seeing what I should do next. I bookmarked it but like an idiot I lost the bookmark. Ive spent the last hour going through this site trying to find it. I either dont know where it is, or its been removed? Anyone know where it is? Its the guide that links you to the forms you need, to the spreadsheets for charged, what a court date sheet looks like etc. Very handy
  8. Thanks for that. One final question which Im sorry if it has been asked alot. Is there a chance abbey will take me up on my offer on taking them to court? Or do they ALWAYS settle?
  9. Cheers for that. The file can be viewed here Google Docs & Spreadsheets - Throughout claim with compounded contractual interest
  10. One final query. I am using the spreadsheet for the list of charges. However one thing I need clarification on. The interest. The interest rate is 8%. What I know about interest isnt worth knowing however because of this, my claim went from 500, to around £750. I dont want to overclaim. Is that right?
  11. Cheers. Well in total my claim is around £750. Ill be sending that off soon.
  12. Im aware I can claim for things like direct debits bouncing, however after looking at the list of charges I got back from Abbey, there are a few I dont know if I can claim for. Mainly CLEARED TRANSACTION £20. Charge. This appears 4/5 times and I dont know what It refers to. Can I claim?
  13. After sending off a letter with £10, I finally got back all my charges. I now have to sift through and find out which ones I can claim back on. However I just need a little help on the next stage. Once I have found out how much, Is it simply a case of sending a letter with the ammount and hope for the best? Or do they always send one back saying "your not getting jack"? Sorry if this has been posting millions of times. I just need pointing in the right direction. Thanks.
  14. Thank you for the response Im new to all this, and by reading the other success stories, I am pretty confident. However I still need a bit more guidance. I am going to re-send the letter to the address stated, but Im guessing I will get the standard response from Lloyds which will force my hand for the legal route. My question is, when they send out the letter basically stating "no" what do I do next? I read the reload thread but was confused as how to proceed after that point. Thanks
  15. After following the advice on this forum, i printed off and sent away the template letter to lloybs basically asking for my money back. Today I got a call from the bank manager and the conversation went as follows: LLoyds: I just recieved your letter today and I am somewhat confused as to why you think you should get your fees back. Me: I would rather all our conversations continue in writing Lloyds: Ok, but your not getting any of the money back Thats it. MY question is, how do I take it further? Is he right? Can I really claim back fees charged to my account when the reason I went over my limit is because of MY spending? I need to know more information before I make myself look stupid, if I havent already. Thanks
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