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  1. Thanks for the post. I appreciate it is a self help site, but could not understand why I could not get any advice other then just visit a solicitor I have read some threads about appealing, but my thoughts are is it possible to go for a set aside on the grounds that I never got the opportunity to respond to the evidence.
  2. ha, I suspected as such. If i could have afforded a solicitor I would not have ended up here in the first place though
  3. I had already done that, but thanks anyway.
  4. Bump, no one from site team got any input on this?
  5. wow, really feel like I have been hung out to dry now. Anyone got any recommendations for a Barrister or Firm that specialise in these matters?
  6. Thank you 42man. I am not sure if I have grounds for a complaint. As I understand the situation now, time is paramount for any continuation of this. I do intend fully to continue this, as I do feel I have a good case. I think the DDJ knew this, and hence threw out my defence. What bothers me is this seems very very unfair, that a 'claimant' can vary their attack on you without seeking permission from the court to change evidence submitted, yet as a defendant we need to. At no time have I admitted liability to the response form, yet the DDJ contended that I had done so - the only plac
  7. Well that did NOT go well at all. Talk about hostility towards a LIP ! My defence was rejected in its entirety as it was 'amended' and i did not have permission to do so Therefore he only would hear the original defence to the claim form that was submitted in 2008. ( they sent it without any details, nor me any pre litigation warning etc) (I originally defended that without evidence then it was abuse of court process and I can't even submit an embarrassed defence), I guess hence the stay. Needless to say SJ was granted, along with no permission to appeal based on the grounds I ha
  8. Could really do with this please W F Harrison & Co v Burke [1956] 2 All ER 169
  9. I previously had this, and when I challenged them - it was refunded. They said they only do this once per year. Its a quick way to make a few more ££'s as they charge you for the letter they send, then they charge you for the letter they receive back.
  10. will give it a read , thanks. But my statement is already in, so I need to make sure my bundle is complete for my hearing.
  11. Thanks already have a thread open, I just can't find the case file I need
  12. I put it in the title for future people searching. SFound a couple of links, but they are both 404's Anyone able to help me attaching the case of; W F Harrison & Co Ltd v Burke and another - [1956] 2 All ER 169 thanks
  13. This I can help you with as I have collated some info from various other threads; The default notice (or lack of) POINTS - s98 Duty to give notice of termination (non-default cases) CCA 1974. (1) The creditor or owner is not entitled to terminate a regulated agreement except by or after giving the debtor or hirer not less than seven days’ (also now 14 re 2006 act) notice of the termination. (2) Subsection (1) applies only where— (a) a period for the duration of the agreement is specified in the agreement, and (b) that period has not ended when the
  14. Thanks CB, its sometimes finding the wording in the specific case. The legal jargon throws me a little - sometimes takes 3 or 4 reads before it sinks in.
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